Friday, August 8, 2008

Impressive Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony....

I am a big sport fan and like to watch all kind of sports. Of course, I am not going to miss Olympic game. I hope one day I am able to watch one of Olympic games in person. Opening Ceremony is one of Olympic events you can't miss because it shows creativity, culture and history of host country. If you want to understand Chinese culture and history, Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony will be a good introduction except that avoidable China's national anthem and flag.

If my memory is right, the way they lit Olympic Flame in ATHENS 2004 is the most impressive way I have ever seen. One handicapped archer shot an arrow to light the Olympic Flame.

The most impressive part of Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony is that painting was painted by contemporary dancers and children and what that painting present which is we need to pay attention on our environment("One world, One dream" is the slogan of Beijing 2008 Olympic game).

As you guys know, there is big political issue between Taiwan and China. Two governments fight for everything involve in this issue. For example, my Taiwanese national team is not allowed to use "Taiwan" and our real national flag.

This leads to my interesting note I note during this opening ceremony. Recent years, tons of Taiwanese businessmen and corporations go to China and try to open China market. When my Taiwanese national team entered stadium and was introduced, we probably got the loudest cheers from stadium audiences except host country, China.

Ha! China Government try so hard to block us from everything, but they can't stop Taiwanese attend Olympic game and cheer for their country and they can't stop Australian announcer introduced us "Taiwan" during broadcasting.

Don't worry. I am not going to talk about politics too much on my blog.


ccc said...

You are totally wrong and don't understand what mainland people think about Taiwanese. Those cheering for "中华台北" mostly were from mainland. It is impossible to make such a loud cheer only by those Taiwanese presented at the stadium. I also cheered for Taiwan. My friends also did. Why the mainland people cheered is that they regard Taiwanese as Chinese, as one part of them, that is 自家人. We are happy to see them join the event.

You are logically wrong when you said "China Government try so hard to block us from everything". Just at the previous paragraph you said "tons of Taiwanese businessmen and corporations go to China and try to open China market"! Didn't you find your words contradicted? China government didn't block those businessmen. On the other hand, Taiwan blocks us mainland people. Have you ever seen as many mainland businessmen in Taiwan? I also heard the women who get married to Taiwanese have no work right in Taiwan until they stay in Taiwan for 7 years, while those from other countries only need to stay 1 or 2 years. Whether you believe or not, Taiwan blocks mainland much more than mainland to Taiwan.

Jessica Lee said...

I have been in different countries for few years. I have a lot of friends from different countries, including friends from Mainland China.

Yes. You may be right about that cheer stuffs I comment because I am not in the stadium that night. The reasons I feel that way is the impression I got from watching broadcasting from Sydney TV station. I saw a lot of Taiwanese cheering. That's why I come up with that comment.

When I talk to my friends from Mainland China, they agree with me about they can't get all kind of information they want, such as those attack your government. Allowing people go there to do business doesn't mean you guys can express any opinion you want freely and publicly without getting into troubles. I saw news from Australian TV during Olympics regard of blocking Australian reporters from interviewing Chinese people who are against China Government.

Of course, both sides still have some unfair policies regard to other sides. However, every country treats their citizen much better than people from other countries. I don't agree with that. I think this world will be more peaceful if we get rid of this nationalism. However, it takes time to change.

Your government did try very hard to block Taiwan to attending a lot of events. We did can't bring our national flag to international sport tournament. Of course, you are right about the notion "everything" i put. However, If I change to "a lot of things", it will be true.

I also don't agree with everything my government does.

One thing you guys need to know and accept. Taiwan is an independent country now. One day, I don't mind Hong Kong, China, Taiwan or some provinces in China combine to one country. In fact, I hope all countries in the world combine to one country. However, it takes time.

I am not trying to get into the debate with you regard of political issues involving with China and Taiwan. One thing I learn from staying with many countries for many years is to treat everyone the same. I try to do my best. Obviously, I still can't do it entirely. I probably treat Taiwan a little bit different than others. However, I do believe Chinese people and Taiwanese focus on political and race issues too much. It creates a lot of hatred and dislike toward to another party.

For example, the main point of this post is about impressive Beijing opening ceremony. This is the main part I try to express, not the part you focus on.

Jessica Lee said...

By the way, welcome to my blog, ccc. Another thing I learn during the time I stay in many countries is to express my opinion. Please feel free to express your opinion.

Anonymous said...


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