Sunday, August 31, 2008

The fundamental baseball

Originally, I was going to write all the happy thing about Yankees for their three-game winning streak. Instead, I need to write this in order to get out of my chest.

I hope Yankees can play good and fundamental baseball the rest of way even if we may not make to playoffs in the end. At least, we can say,"We do our best, win everyone's expect and don't have to apology to our fans".

They didn't do it today. I hope they can do it the rest of season for fans like us because we all spend big part of our life to support them.

First of all, I know Cano's smooth style lets him be able to make a lot of great plays that other second basemen can't do it on the field, but he really need to learn how to play fundamental defense on the field, such as getting in front of ball, diving for close ground balls and throwing the ball the right way, etc. I rather he misses those difficult plays, but makes all the basic plays. At least, He needs to be stand in front of everyone to face whatever he needs to face with courage after bad or good days.

Secondly, A-Rod really need to change how he approaches the game under different game situations if he wants to perform well under pressure situations. I know he hits that ball hard, but think about this, Overbay put down a bunt successfully in the 8th inning to help Blue Jays to build up that lead. I am not suggesting A-Rod to bunt Jeter and Abreu over in the 9th inning, but he needs to know there are a lot of different ways to get the job done, such as hitting a single to the middle, hitting a ground ball to move them over with less than 2 outs and getting a walk. He doesn't need to be that hero all the time. He doesn't need to hit a home run to become a hero as well. Instead, He pulls a ball to third base for double play.

Thirdly, Girardi sometimes need to criticize players. I really start wondering what would look like if Joe Torre is here because Girardi start to make me feel disappointed a little bit even though I am one of his supporters, One thing I learn from Americans when I stay in America for two years. Americans are not only not afraid of admitting their mistakes but also expressing their opinions that may tell the truth or challenge authority.

We all love Yankees. That's why we want them to get better every time out.


Todd Drew said...

I’m looking for a better game today in Detroit.

Jessica Lee said...

I always the one don't predict what will happen on a baseball game because baseball game is played on the field, not on the paper or prediction. However, I always the one expect good things happen to the team I support.