Sunday, March 1, 2009

Joba first spring training game

1:27pm Posada has been scratched because of shoulder discomfort. Hopefully, He is fine. I never want any player get hurt including players on other teams. That's why I don't want to see Santana hurt as well.

1:35pm It seems both starters have rocky start. I don't think Joba has his velocity back yet.

1:45pm Giese is up. I believe Girardi will have a long man in the bullpen. Giese should be a leading candidate for that role. Is wind blowing out today?

1:55pm Is this the Yankees team I know? Two sacrifice flies in a row? Play small ball well?

2pm Why every ball is flying out(or almost) the ballpark? It seems to me Giese doesn't have command yet.

2:20pm Even though Cano has a down year last season, he is still better than many second baseman in the league. We really need him offensively and defensively. He certainly can help out Jeter defensively and lengthen lineup offensively.

2:25pm Veras is up now. When I look at Veras's velocity, it seems not so many players have their velocity back to normal at this stage of spring training.

2:35pm I switch audio between Kay and Sterling. I must say this. If I have to choose one among them, I definitely go with Sterling. Kay is really boring.

2:45pm Teixeira just makes a terrific play at 1B. His defense will help us a lot. By the way, did I mention Molina throw out another base runner? Yankees should send a note to every other teams in the league,"Don't even try to steal off Molina"

3:20pm Because internet is so expensive in Australia, I switch to WCBS once Yankees put Igawa on.

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