Monday, March 23, 2009

Aceves starts with CC in minor league

1:21pm I just turn on computer and watch Rays announcers praising Price's strikeout to end the first inning. Come on. I know this feed is from Rays announcers for their home team. Even though Price strikes out Nady, it's a high changeup which is a bad pitch.

1:24pm Hopefully, Aceves is fine. It seems to me Aceves turns his ankle or something. I actually think Aceves pitches well in that first inning even though he loads the bases.

1:37pm Swisher just gets on base by a walk after taking some balls and fouling many pitches. The way Swisher hit and play should bring best out of Nady. Nice competition. The same thing goes to Melky and Gardner.

1:54pm Even though I like the way Aceves pitches, he should try to throw more strikes. It seems to me he always pitches behind in the count. He will be in big trouble if he does that in regular season and faces a more patient team like Red Sox and Yankees.

2:01pm After reading the ball well and catching that fly ball, Gardner just gets on base with a walk. At this stage of spring training, the way Gardner plays is very hard to see Melky winning the job over him barring injury.

2:15pm It's a stupid play by Crawford. Crawford just gets tagged out at third for trying to steal third, especially he just steals second base. When you hit before Pena, what is the difference between second and third. You know what? Pena follows up a single. I know he is confident on his speed, but why do that when you just steal second and a left hand hitter(Pena) is on the plate. Even though Rays eventually score one run, Crawford basically causes his team one run.

2:25pm The way Rays hitters run crazily off Cash today. We better not to let Posada catch first series against Rays. It will be better to let Molina catch this series to stop running game. First run of this game is basically from steal. That not only prevents Rays from running but also avoids Posada hurting himself for trying to catch runners at this early of season.

2:37pm I am watching this game on MLB.TV. I know the feed is Rays network, but it has been very hard for me to stand this broadcasting. The way they praise their home team and down on other teams as much as they can is unbearable.

2:55pm I know Swisher didn't throw very well to second base when he tries to start a double play. However, the throw is not horrible. I actually think we get the runner. Swisher just make a terrific play at first when the ball will be down the line for a double.

2:58pm All the throws Cash make to second base are all very terrible. He should not have anything to do with Yankees major league club.

3:12pm Marte has a relatively easy solid first inning of spring training.

3:16pm Igawa's scoreless inning streak is on verge of being broken. Amazing! Igawa just strike out when there are runners on second and third with less than 2 outs. The locations of Igawa's pitches are better.

3:22pm Even though Igawa gives up a walk after a tough at bat by Rays hitter, Igawa loads the bases and gets out of it. Cashman definitely is working on trading Igawa if he can do it now.

3:24pm Rays announcers really use every chance to praise Rays as much as possible.

3:44pm Igawa loads the base again. m.... Igawa just walks the first run he allows in spring training. Ok. I take it back. The way Igawa pitches should have nothing to do with Yankees big league club. His command and control really doesn't look like the most Japanese pitchers I often see. His command and control is better, but it still is not good enough for American league.


hopbitters said...

I don't really see anything in Cash. He can't hit at all. He can't throw. Three other teams gave up on him as a backup. What were they expecting him to do?

Jessica Lee said...

I agree with you. I think that's why Cashman requires Stelwart from White Sox.

Anonymous said...

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