Friday, March 6, 2009

About WBC

Because I have stayed in many different countries and cities, I actually think people should treat everyone the same no matter race and nationality. Right now, I become one of persons who doesn't take extra pride off those international tournament about my country and cheer for anyone who performs well or does good things.

That's why I treat this kind of international tournament differently now. In the past, I took extra pride off this kind of international tournament. Now, I actually think this kind of international tournament can give young players a great chance to get used to play under high pressure and play against top players around the world. Of course, it will be good if top players in my country are able to go. If they can't go for whatever reason, I won't feel disappointed as well.

I know so many people are against the idea that lets players on their favorite teams play in this kind of "meaningless"game. I am not one of them. I am still very interested in watching this kind of international tournament because I can watch some many great players around the world playing and observe their cultures and the way they play games.

However, I think November is better time for WBC. It's hard for players to get into game shape in March. I know Americans focus on NFL in November. That being said, WBC is one of marketing tool for Major league baseball to market baseball game to other countries around the world. Many countries around the world is definitely not hot on NFL.


hopbitters said...

I don't know why people object so much to MLB players in the WBC. Personally, I wish it started earlier, went longer, and had better coverage. November would be OK, too, but I'd rather have it segue right into ST.

Jessica Lee said...

I think people just have different perspectives. I understand there are some problems no matter when they choose to play WBC. That being said, it is always not a bad idea to have international tournament for any sport. Since baseball have been removed from Olympic, it certainly is not a bad idea for mlb to come up with some international tournament for baseball. It will be good to develop like World Cup.