Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joba's 5th Spring Training Outing

1:21pm It sounds like Joba has a good first inning of work. Suzyn and John say Yankees hope Joba can get batters out at fewer pitches. I actually don't concern about that. As a no.5 pitcher, if big 4 are doing they are supposed to do, we should have well-rested bullpen to back up Joba. That is the lesson Joba will learn from pitching more. I don't think that is something young pitchers can suddenly listen to.

1:33pm Damon not only makes a great catch on left field but also move Melky over to third base with less than 2 outs. Let see whether or not Teixeira can get that run in with less than 2 outs. Ok. Texieira walks. I think Matsui can get that run in

1:37pm Probably not. Let see how Nady hit in that spot. Ok. They don't. They have been done this very well so far this spring. I hate to see Yankees can't get the runner on third with less than 2 outs in.

1:40pm Joba is in trouble now after giving out three singles in a row.

1:47pm See Tiger get that runner who is on third with less than 2 outs in.

1:51pm Joba gets out inning and only allows one run even though he uses tons of pitches for that. In the end, How many runs pitchers give up is all the matter.

1:57pm Is it just me to feel this way? Is this Tiger top pitching prospect? The way Yankees keep hitting liners right at fielders. It doesn't sound very impressive for me.

2:08pm I will guess Joba uses spring training to practice his third pitch(curveball) and fourth pitch(changeup). I won't worry about Joba's stats, results and pitching counts.

2:12pm See, another great hit by Yankees. I know he gets tons of money of signing bonus and he is very young.

2:15pm Joba uses 57 pitches for three innings. Wow! A lot of pitches.

2:16pm Damon hita another ball hard to drive in first run for Yankees. I just finish the previous sentence. Teixeira comes up with another double for another run. Yankees leads 2-1 over Tiger. I think Tiger will definitely rush him if they put this 19 year old young pitching prospect on the big league team out of spring training.

2:22pm The way Swisher demonstrates his ability at plate and the way he plays defense when you compare him with Nady. I don't think why Swisher can't beat out Nady for right fielder job. I really don't think Girardi should grant right fielder job to Nady by default.

2:28pm Joba's day is done. 3.1 IP 4H 5K 1R/ER 63 Pitches.

2:33pm Damon makes another great play and saves a run. I sometimes don't understand so many so called experts claim how terrible defense Yankees has on every position. I think Damon is above average left fielder. If Damon can play a capable left fielder, I can't see why Jeter can't do it when he and Yankees decide to move from short stop position.

2:36pm I know a lot of Yankees fans don't like the way Suzyn and John broadcast on radio. However, they are fine for me when you compare with other radio announcers. I know they like to express their opinion a lot, but at least we can understand what exactly happen on the field. They also give us many information on both teams on the field.

2:48pm Miscommunication between Cano and Nady?

3:00pm Yankees certainly can be benefited from competition of all out fielders positions once Matsui can start playing outfield position. At least center fielder and right fielder will be in competition.

3:02pm Forget to mention. Melky improve the ability of running and putting bunts done. I agree with Sterling that Yankees play fundamental baseball better. However, Teixeira strikes out with runner on third with less than 2 outs after Nady did once earlier. Maybe today is one of days Yankees hitters just can't do it or opponents pitchers pitch better when runners on scoring position.

3:07pm Mo is up. Yes. Mo certainly will throw more pitches that last time out. Five pitches for strike out. Next pitch for ground out. Three pitches for a ground ball single. Three pitches for third out of the inning. Mo's line 12 pitches 10 strikes 2 balls 2SO 1GO 1H.

3:14pm Everyone is worry about who will be closer once Mo retires. Why worry about something is so far away? The way Mo pitches and the command and control Mo demonstrates I don't see why Mo can't pitch few more years.

3:34pm Edwar is in trouble and give up the tie run. Spring training stats sometimes mean nothing for major league pitchers. Not to mention, Edwar is behind everyone because of injury. I know many Yankees fans concern how Edwar, Bruney and Veras will perform and hope other youngsters to win the job. I know the trio don't have good command and control, but we know we have a lot of replacements down the farm if they can't get the job done once season starts.

3:51pm Miranda certainly can hit, but his defense is not good at all. By the way, Veras comes in and gives up another run after Miranda hits a two runs homerun.

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