Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CC's 3rd Spring Training Outing(All eyes on Posada/Mo)

7:19pm I am exciting to watch CC pitching for the first time on YES I believe. It looks like CC has a good start. CC strikes out two of three batters he face. Bad news is Posada doesn't have chances to test his arm again.

7:25pm Any thought to put Posada on leadoff spot? Ha! Well, if he can run faster, it will be a vital option. Just kidding.

7:28pm Teixeira just strike out when runners on first and second. If this happen in regular season, he is in trouble.

7:31pm I am one of supports for Matsui. I believe he will contribute a lot and will be extremely important for us, especially after A-Rod's injury.

7:37pm The way Yankees pitching staff builds up, there must be a nice friendly competition within pitching staff.

7:39pm Melky also was out for one pitch in the first inning. Melky really needs to show more patience.

7:41pm Because of the balk, we lose a chance for Posada to throw out runner. By the way, USA is behind. Jeter is on his way to be back with us.

7:43pm Posada makes the first throw to third base. Even though the throw is not good, hopefully he comes out healthy.

7:54pm Are you watching WBC and come back to watch Yankees game during break? or another way around?

7:56pm USA leads 2-1 while Yankees also leads 2-1.

7:59pm Two more strikeouts for CC. If our pitching staff stay healthy, we will have a unbelievable season. I can't wait the season to start.

8:06pm It looks like we get a good no.3 and no.4 hitters in our lineup, right? Teixeira hits a double down the line and then Matsui hits one out. Well, Nady hits another double. Yankees experienced hitters are very tough on young pitchers because they can not do the same thing for second time around and they will hammer any mistake.

8:13pm Even though Melky hits a double, but I don't like he basically hits every pitch is thrown to him.

8:18pm I actually like we are able to watch more prospects and bench guys playing because of the absence of Jeter, Cano and A-Rod.

8:23pm Even though the score of spring training doesn't count, hopefully Yankees can good at bat on situational hitting. Yankees have done that well so far. Well, great to see. Posada drives in two more runs.

8:27pm You know why Yankees have hit well so far this spring? Because we don't have a all star in every position, a lot of players just want to get on base for big hitters hitting behind them.
8:30pm I agree with what Peter said on his blog. I don't think Yankees will bring back CC after long half inning.

8:33pm Teixeira has another good at bat. I need to ask this again. Do we have mercy rule in spring training? Bases loaded again in the same inning.

8:40pm I am surprised at seeing CC back to 4th inning. CC goes through 4th inning with some command issue that is expected after long half inning.

8:50pm As you guys know, Internet is not cheap in Australia, especially after 12pm before 12am. Hopefully, I am able to watch Mo pitching.

8:54pm Even though I can't wait to watch Mo pitching, I don't need Melky to hit first pitch he sees to help me out for that. By the way, the pitch Melky hits is a ball. Melky really needs to be selective on the plate.

8:56pm Mo is coming. Yes.

8:59pm Wow! Three pitches for first strike out. Unbelievable! Will it be nicer to let Mo throw more pitches? Well, that's impossible when you consider the control and command Mo has. Mo retires the side with two strikeouts for 11 pitches(8 strikes). How can we live without Mo.

9:18pm A nice second inning work of spring training for Edwar.

9:30pm USA is behind 3-4 in the 6th inning. Jeter is on his way to be with us soon.

9:46pm Even though I want Jeter to be back with us, I am happy to see Jeter having a good at bat when runner on scoring position. Jeter gets on base.

9:58pm If USA would lose this game, it's certainly nicer for Yankees fans to see Youkilis can't come up with big hit and Jeter works out a walk.

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