Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two small Wang's tidbits

I have read two interesting tidbits related to Wang from Taiwanese website.

Yankees is going to meet Tiger this afternoon. Wang may have a chance to greet a Tiger relief pitcher named Fu-De Ni who is a Taiwanese. Fu-De Ni is a lefty and the first player comes from CPBL(Chinese professional baseball league-Taiwanese professional baseball league). However, Fu-De Ni is two year younger than Wang and they never haven't met each other. Fu-De Ni is expected to be in the minor league first.

The other one is Wang's memory of old Yankees stadium. Wang says he has so many great memories in the old Yankees stadium and definitely will miss old Yankees stadium. What does he remember the most in old Yankees stadium? Wang says it's his major league debut. Wang says his major league debut is the only game he feel nervous. He still can remember how nervous he is in that game. After that, he never feel nervous no matter how big the game is.

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