Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Joba's 4th Spring Training outing

1:16pm It's good to hear sort of good news regard of Cano's injury. I am not sure whether that's good news regard of Marte's injury or not. If we need to lose one of them for a period of time, we certainly can't lose more offense after A-Rod's injury.

1:19pm Joba starts with four pitches walk for leadoff hitter. Not good.

1:22pm well, nice comeback for Joba. After four pitches walk, Joba follows a three pitches strikeout. Good to hear Molina's ok. We need him, especially we are not the condition of Posada as a catcher.

1:27pm It turns out a good first inning for Joba, so the mini crisis of healthy status of Joba is over.

1:34pm Gardner is so hot to a point I start worrying about what he will look like once regular season starts.

1:40pm Because I can't see the location of called strike three, I can't make my judgment. However, it's certainly a bad situational hitting for Nady when runner on third with less than 2 outs.

1:44pm Flyout follows by popout. Joba is fine. Another solid inning for Joba.

2:00pm Eric Bruntlett try to steal when Molina catch. A big no no. Of course, Molina got him. With the help of Molina, Joba has another solid inning. Hopefully, Joba works on some pitches successfully.

2:06pm Cody has another good day at the plate. It sounds like Swisher also has another good at at and hit ball hard again.

2:13pm I certainly like Phillies announcers don't just talk about Phillies. However, if they want to talk about stuff of other teams, they better make sure get information right. First of all, Matsui has knee injury the past two season, not hamstring. Ichiro doesn't take a lot of pitches.

2:19pm See, good pitching and defense is more important than offense. Yankees score two runs because of Phillies not so good defense. Joba's solid scoreless three innings make Yankees offense look not so bad.

2:22pm Joba's day is done. 48 pitches and 27 strikes. Not a good strike-ball ratio. Again. Phillies announcers get information wrong. Bruney does comes back from that injury. It's Wang end his season because of the same injury, not Bruney.

2:27pm When Yankees regular starters and relief pitchers start pitching more and getting into game form, Yankees starts winning a lot recently. This certainly is a good news for our Yankees fans.

2:35pm Is it just me to feel this way? When Bruney losses his command for a period of time, I am actually not nervous at all and believe he can get out of inning without allowing runs.

2:44pm It's really hard to understand exactly what happen on the field because of Phillies announcers.

2:55pm Another scoreless inning from Igawa. Any thought?

3:07pm It sounds like Igawa also get helped by Yankees defense on second scoreless inning.

3:19pm A good at bad by Swisher to drive that run in. Instead of pointing out Cano's down year(2008 season), Phillies announcers say Yankees concern about decline of Cano's AVG. Decline? Call .340 to .300 a decline?

3:24pm I don't think Phillies can survive without Cole Hamels. The same thing goes to Mets without Santana. Which team has a healthy ACE may win NL East.

3:29pm A disaster inning for Phillies. Do we have mercy rule in spring training?

3:33pm Igawa is still on the mound.

3:43pm Igawa strikes out the side on third inning work. Any thought? Igawa throws from 5th,6th and 7th inning. It looks like Igawa starts pitching more important innings.

4:08pm Fans attend this game certainly get their money worthy.

4:23pm Yankees win at 12-0 over Philles. I am actually more impressive on pitching than offense. Two games in a row, Yankees pitching shut down opponents.

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