Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Joba's 3rd Spring Training outing

7:33pm After watching Joba's first 2 innings, Joba's velocity looks just fine. He also has variety of breaking pitches range from 77mph to 85mph. That's why I always say Joba should be a starter.

7:35pm By the way, I saw Moose on the seat with his family.

7:36pm Matsui just hit a leadoff double. Guess who drive him in? Cody. Alex who?

7:40pm I am glad to see someone(Molina) to be able to move runner to 3rd base with less than 2 outs.

7:50pm Is that just misjudged play by Gardner? or hit too hard?

7:57pm I am glad Gardner drive that run in. However, I will be happier Gardner can put that put down successfully. I don't have problems Gardner's aggressive base running.

8:07pm Nice 3 innings from Joba. He should release many people's concern. Coke is up and looks good as well.

8:18pm The most impressive thing I see from Coke is the ability to mix his pitches well. It seems to me Coke is able to locate his fastball well and throw his breaking pitches. Not to mention, he throws a lot of strikes. I hate pitchers walking batters.

8:33pm One thing Gardner often does better than Melky on the plate is seeing more pitches.

8:38pm Why Damon try to steal 3rd base with 2 outs? Someone must miss signs.

8:45pm Is just me to feel this way? Igawa looks good so far this spring. Based on what I see from Igawa pitching, is it possible to have Igawa in the bullpen as a lefty specialist first?

9:01pm If Igawa can pitch low in the strikezone and has command like that, he should be able to pitch good enough in the big league. Since Igawa come to Yankees, I always can't believe how bad Igawa command is because it seems to me Japanese pitchers always have good command and control based on what I have watched for many years.


hopbitters said...

I heard Mussina went to Coke and thanked him for getting some key outs in Mussina's last couple wins.

Jessica Lee said...

When I see Moose on YES, I miss him more.