Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wang's 2nd Spring Training outing

1:23pm Except that hanging changeup(I believe) for homerun, it looks like Wang gets good movement on his pitches. However, it seems his command is a little bit better than last time out. I did feel nervous when Wang makes that great play.

1:31pm Is it a straight steal for Damon? or somebody miss the sign?

1:34pm Based on what I read from Taiwanese news, Wang concerns about his velocity a little bit. It looks like velocity of Wang's fastball around 91.92

1:43pm Does this give us some idea what the life will look like without A-Rod? Oh, I speak too fast. Look. Cody gets the first hit for Yankees. Go to get surgery, A-Rod.

1:51pm It looks like that will be it for Wang's 2nd spring training outing. His strike-ball ratio is amazing good except for couple of bad pitches. Teixeira just makes a great play. Teixeira's gold glove is going to help our pitching staff a lot.

1:58pm Our catcher today just has a great AB and ends up with a single.

2:04pm YAH! Wang is done for this afternoon. His final line is impressive: 3 innings, 3 hits, 1 run, 0 walks, 2 strikeouts. 33 pitches, 27 strikes. 6 balls?

2:07pm Tomko looks like leading candidate for long man in the bullpen. Giese and Aceves have to catch up at this moment.

2:18pm The nightmare of RISP last season comes out again. Can someone put the ball in the air, please? I know this is spring training game, but.....

2:25pm Finally, we tie the game in a hard way. Girardi was interviewed by YES now. Girardi sounds like A-Rod will have his surgery.

2:44pm Duncan makes a great play at 1B. This is third great play of Today's game so far. The other two are played by Teixeira and Wang.

2:55pm Wang, Tomko and Coke all give up a solo homerun. It seems they all land on the same place.

3:14pm It looks like the pitcher whose name is very similar to Teixeira and we get for Betemit has interesting stuff, including good looking slider and curve ball.

If you like well pitching game with excellent defense, you will enjoy watching this game. Count me in. I always prefer this kind of game to offense game.

Wang certainly need to keep building up his arm strength that hasn't gotten there yet, but it's still early at this stage of spring training. His command is a little bit better than his first spring training game. Wang was talking about improving his command after first spring training outing. He certainly did it today when you look at his strike-ball ratio.

However, he still get a long way to get into game form in term of velocity and command. That being said, Wang throws all his pitches and looks like he can control them more than last season. If he stays healthy, Wang is going to have a great season.

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