Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wang's 4th Spring Training Outing

I won't be able to listen to the whole game. I probably will stay few innings.

1:10pm It sounds like Cano hits the ball hard. Teixeira has another hit.

1:19pm It sounds like Wang doesn't have a very good start when he gives up few hard hit balls.

1:28pm It seems to me Melky often hits behind in the count.

1:30pm Astros has been lost a lot this spring training. Hopefully, Yankees will be the team lose to them.

1:33pm It sounds like Wang pitches a little bit better in second inning than first inning.

1:41pm Yankees hitters haven't figured out Hampton yet.

1:43pm It seems Wang gets his fair share of groundballs. Another swinging strikeout for Wang.

1:45pm Could Astros announcers stop talking themselves? Geez. What a terrible broadcasting. By the way, Wang gets two more groundballs and has retired 7 batters in a row.

1:51pm Yankees still hasn't done much against Hampton. Swisher has another good at bat after working to a full count and ending up with a single.

1:55pm They always say "if you want to get to good pitchers, you need to get them early." It seems to me Wang always has troubles in first inning.

2:12pm I have been waiting Astros announcers to tell me who is the pitcher on the mound for us. Finally, they tell me is Wang. Geez. Wang comes back to pitch 5th inning. Three more groundballs.

2:19pm It's about time for Yankees offense to do something against Astros' pitchers. Wang has been economical on pitches he throws.

2:25pm Teixeira walks in the 6th with 2 outs. That's first walk of the game for both teams. Amazing.

2:28pm The game has gone through so quickly. Wang's day is done. 5IP 3H 1ER/R 10GO 3FO 2SO. Who is up? Astros announcers say is Tomko who is righty. Peter says on his blog is Coke who is lefty. Geez. Someone must be wrong. If Astros announcers get this wrong, it will be ridiculous. One throws with right hand. The other throws with left hand.

2:44pm When I check boxscore, it says Coke. Geez. Amazing! They even can't get this simple fact right.

2:45pm Yankees finally puts two runs on the board. Even though Yankees offense can't do much against Hapmton for 5 innings. However, Wang shut down opponents until Yankees finally break through Astors reliever. Yankees pitching staff is going to carry this team.

2:53pm This is really confusing. Astros announcers still insist Tomko is on the mound. I guess it should be Coke in 6th inning while Tomko is in 7th inning.

3:07pm Yankees pitching staff has given up 0-2 runs per game recently.

3:17pm Veras always make me nervous. Well, bases loaded with 2 outs. Veras gets out of that mess, but he makes me nervous again.

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