Friday, March 6, 2009

oh,No.No.No. 10 weeks out for A-Rod?

I just post a post regard of A-Rod's injury and wish he is fine. And then I get this terrible news regard of A-Rod. Image that we hear this news when Teixeira is on Red Sox. So, if this news is true, all we do now is thinking about the solution. The good news is this happens in March. If we have to have injury, it's better to have sooner than later in the season.

Cashman may need to work out a trade to bring someone who is capable 3B. How about an internal candidate or a free agent? Swisher? any prospect down the farm? Eric Duncan? I don't know. Any good suggestion? If we have Cody Ransom to play 3B, we need to bring in another utility infielder. This certainly puts more pressure on newcomers(A.J., C.C, Teixeira) or other players on the team(Cano, Gardner, etc.) to perform.

By the way, Anyone feel happy about any players' injury should feel shame on yourself.


MJB said...

if they have Ransom at 3rd, Angel Berroa can be utility. They also have a few other new faces that might fight for those spots. I'm not sure what they'll do, but I guess someone gets a great opportunity. I dont think they'll trade for someone because Arod won't be gone very long.

It will hurt not having A-rod's bat for the first 6 weeks of the season, but they should have enough firepower that it won't be too bad. There are some important away-games against TB and Boston, then early May brings the Angels, Rays, and Redsox to the Bronx. So, like you say, someone is going to have to step up their game from last season (or for the first time) because those are some important early games.

Ultimately, I think the Yankees will be fine. They shouldn't need to rely on scoring so many runs since they were so intent on upgrading their pitching. So there is a lot of pressure on those starting 5 without Arod in the first month and a half.

hopbitters said...

I think MJB covers it pretty well. They should be OK if they get out of the gate well in those first few weeks, especially if someone like Gardner can step up. And hopefully A-Rod won't have any lingering effects.

Is it just my imagination or has Jeter been showing a little better range in the first few games this year?

Jessica Lee said...

I think Jeter has showed better range since last season. Jeter cetainly puts a lot of efforts into because he is aware of his age.