Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wang 3rd Spring Training Outing

7:35pm Well. I keep waiting and waiting for game and then I fall sleep. When I wake up, I miss first inning and then turn on my computer on time to catch Wang gives up a homerun to Lowell.

7:43pm It looks like Wang makes adjustment on his delivery after letting pitches high in the zone for the first two batters of second inning.

7:49pm That is why we sign Teixeira, right? After watching
the way Juan Miranda play defense, I am glad to know Teixeira play first base for us.

7:55pm After the game CC get hit hard, Wang get hit hard by Red Sox as well. This certainly gets many people panic and many experts to claim Yankees are in trouble.

7:57pm It looks like Wang can't find his right delivery. As long as he is healthy, I rather them to get hit hard in spring training and then they can realize their problems. Spring training doesn't count. It's good time to find out their problems.

8:03pm That is why I always say defense is very important. If Teixeira is on first base tonight, Wang will be out of second inning while he only gives up one run. I don't care how official scorer think because spring training doesn't count. Those 6 runs are for Juan Miranda.

However, I am glad Wang faces this tough situation in spring training. It seems to me Wang still struggles with command off his pitches. In the past, we won't see Wang misses location of his pitches time and time again this badly. It looks like Wang has good movement on his sinker, but he hasn't had command yet. And then he leaves all kind of breaking pitches high in the zone.

Wang should be the last guy in the rotation get into game shape. We should not expect him to be ready too soon. Don't forget Wang miss half of 2008 season and hasn't pitched for a long time.

8:18pm It's funny Yankees play long game with Red Sox even though they are in the spring training.

8:28pm Tomko looks good and should be leading candidate on long man in the bullpen.

8:31pm I don't care the result of spring training, but I really hope Yankees somehow hammer Papelbon. Well, it's not happening.

8:44pm I am interested in watching Saito pitching. Saito has a very similar delivery to Dice-K.

9:08pm I am listening to the game right now instead of watching the game because of the price of internet in Australia. It looks like Igawa gets more chances now. We certainly need to give him every chance to succeed.


Anonymous said...

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Jessica Lee said...

Well, it's kind of a little bit silly to come to a Yankee fan blog to say what you say, isn't it?