Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Random Spring Training thoughts

*I know spring training records don't count. Most of time, many minor league players play at the end of game who end up affecting the score of game. However, I do think it means something while Yankees wins 9 straight and 11 of last 12 because there are only 2 weeks away from regular season.

During the end of spring training, many major league players stay in the game. Hitters may try to execute some game plans from coach staff once a while based on game situations, but they want to get a hit no matter in spring training, regular season or playoffs.

Starters may try to practice their secondary pitches more, but they still need to get their primary weapons ready for regular season. At this stage of spring training, a lot of relief pitchers are fighting for spots on the major league teams, so they need to pitch as well as possible.

Do you know why Yankees wins 9 straight? Pitching. The last 12 games, Yankees pitching gives up 0-3 runs most of games.

*It's good and bad to hear Hughes being sent down to minor league. It's good because it means we have a great pitching staff and no spot is open to Hughes. It's bad because he really pitches well. That being said, Hughes is only 22 year old and he will turn 23 this june. Hughes certainly can use this opportunity to make sure his new curveball, cutter and changeup ready. I hope Yankees call him up when Joba gets to his innings limit, not because of injury.

*Things just like what I say about Joba during live-blogging. He uses spring training to practice his curveball which is his third best pitch. He will need that pitch once season starts. We all know Joba has fastball and slider to go to. Every starters use spring training to practice their secondary pitches. Wang practices his slider and changeup.

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