Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wang with Posada at Phillies

1:56pm So, Posada and Wang don't have good luck in terms of rainouts. Yankees don't want them to travel a lot. They end up with moving more than 2 places

2:03pm Wang has very economical pitching counts in first inning. 1 ground ball 2 flyouts

2:08pm Yankees and coach staff probably are scared to death when Phillies pitcher almost walks Wang to first base.

2:11pm Wang is in trouble to begin second inning. Trouble always begins at walk. Guess what? Wang is always one pitch away from double play.

Posada is tested for first time of this game. Runner steals second successfully. Since I can't see it, I don't know how Posada looks. But, Wang strikes out the batter to end the inning. Wang throws a lot of balls in second inning.

2:25pm Back to back walk to Posada and Damon. If Posada can catch 110 games, that will be a huge upgrade for 2009 season.

2:30pm Yankees tie the game for Nady's infield single. See. Trouble always begins at walk.

2:37pm Wang's command and control is not so good today, but he comes up with another double play. I think Wang tries to practice his secondary pitches, such as slider, changeup and splitter. When he is in trouble, he always has sinker to go to.

2:45pm Wang is very underrated in terms of his defense. He just makes a great play to end the inning. There are two hits Wang gives up today are basically ground ball. But, his command and control is not too good.

3:16pm It seems to me Wang get tired once he reaches his pitch counts. I am listening to Phillies announcers for this game. Why they talk like Damon hits .200 last season? Come on, I know Damon doesn't have a great arm which everyone knows it, but the guy hits over .300 at leadoff spot.

3:25pm Wang's day is done. Bruney is up and strike out first two batters he face. However, Bruney gives up another run for Wang and 2 runs for himself. I believe Joba should be in the bullpen crowd will be out pretty soon.

4:05pm When Giese follows Bruney's step to get killed, I believe Joba should be in the bullpen and our bullpen are terrible crowd will be all out by now. Come down, guys. This is a spring training game. Sometimes all relief pitchers have the bad days together. It seems to me Tomko will be long man job.

4:09pm The most important thing of this game is Wang pitching solid and hopefully Posada comes out healthy and feel good after throwing to second once.

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