Monday, March 16, 2009

Posada first action of spring behind the plate

1:16pm Glad to see Posada back

1:23pm Good first inning for Pettitte. I am still nervous to see Posada if he needs to throw to second base. I think Girardi should make Posada work with lefty(CC& Pettitte) more or power pitchers (Burnett& Joba) if he need to split time for Posada and Molina. In my opinion, Molina should work with Joba and Wang more because Wang is a ground ball pitcher and both of them don't hold runners well.

1:29pm I guess we have another candidate for leadoff spot. Good to see Matsui and Posada running well.

1:36pm I guess it's hard to test Posada's arm if Pettitte pitch well. Not to mention, Pettitte is a lefty who holds runners well.

1:48pm Berroa has a good sacrifice bunt while Pena has a good at bat to drive the runner in who is on third with less than two outs. When Jeter, Cano and A-Rod is away from team, Giardi certainly can have a good look at utility infielder.

1:52pm I guess the crisis of Yankees starting pitching is over. Pettitte looks good today.

1:57pm It will be very good for us if Posada can be healthy enough to be a starting catcher for around 110 game. Another chance for Yankees to play fundamental baseball. SEE, Teixeira drives that runner in with a sacrifice fly when runner on third with less than 2 outs. Yankees play fundamental baseball to drive two runs in with less than two outs. I like this kind of game.

2:04pm Matsui hurt opponent pitchers two days in a row. Sound kind of luck for Matsui?

2:06pm Good to hear Coke try to learn hard slider from Gator. I can't image Coke doesn't make the team as long as he is healthy.

2:09pm I don't understand those so called experts claim Yankees have to upgrade their bullpen or put Joba in the bullpen if they really watch Yankees playing.

2:12pm It's too bad Posada doesn't get a chance to throw to second base today. However, it's good to take it slowly. Spring training is still long way to go.

2:29pm If Yankees and Girardi consider Coke as long man, does that open another spot in the bullpen to other pitchers? If you ask me, I won't mess around with Coke. You put him in either as second lefty for one inning or long man. I will play Coke for one or two innings at maxium and put a real long man in the pen.

2:52pm It looks like Berroa may make the team as utility infielder because of the ability of hitting.

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