Saturday, March 7, 2009

Taiwan lost 0-9 to Korea in WBC

I am not able to watch this game because the price of internet in Australia which is so expensive for me, especially this game is played before midnight in Australia which is much more expensive than after midnight.

However, based on what I hear, read and know, I certainly can give some insight regard of state of Taiwanese baseball to you guys. In term of this tournament, we use a lot of young players to play this tournament that I like because they can gain a lot of experience.

For example, the starting pitcher for this game, a talent young pitcher, tell Taiwanese media after game he was affected by home plate umpire's strikezone. He was so frustrated to the point that affects his emotion and loses control. This certainly is something a lot of young pitchers have to go through. By the way, just in case you guys don't know the result, he gave up a gram slam in the first inning after putting guys on base by walks and hitting batters.

Offense is always the weakness of Taiwanese baseball game. We always have to win game by pitching well. Once pitchers don't pitch well, the chance of winning is not high at all for us to win ball game.

For the past 10 years, Taiwanese baseball have gone through a lot of problems. We get to the point we need to rebuild from the bottom in order to catch Japan or Korea. That's not something we can improve overnight. Concern about the result of WBC is certainly not the one to worry about right now in my opinion.


hopbitters said...

That's an interesting overview, Jessica. What do you think the reasons are behind the offense lagging behind the pitching?

Jessica Lee said...

First of all, western players always have more power than Asian players.

Secondly, there is a difference culture between American baseball and Asian baseball. I think I talk about this in the past. Just like an quote from Ichiro when a reporter asked the difference between American baseball and Japanese baseball when he just got to the big.

Ichiro said, "In American baseball, they play to score more runs than the opponent team in order to win game. In Japan, we play to prevent the opponent team from scoring more runs than us."

Because we don't have that much more power and different culture, we always pay more attention on pitching and defense.

On top of that, there is another difference of pitching style between American baseball and Asian baseball. In American baseball, you guys have more power pitchers with devasting certain pitch for each pitcher. In Asian baseball, we focus on command and control with variety of pitches.

I think these are the reasons behind weak offense.