Sunday, March 15, 2009

Burnett's 2nd Spring Training outing

1:00pm I am actually pretty exciting to be able to watch Burnett pitching with us first time of spring training.

1:23pm I have no idea how I will feel if I have an arm like Burnett's. It should be a good feeling.

1:32pm That's why you have to watch game. Matsui and Nady all hit ball hard and well in that inning.

1:37pm If Burnett is healthy when playoffs come, we will win a lot of games in playoffs.

1:45pm See, that's why defense is very important. Astros certainly play good defense and at least save one run for their pitcher.

1:50pm Well, Burnett's good performance should at least make fewer experts claim Yankees are in trouble. I certainly can understand why hitters feel uncomfortable when they face Burnett.

2:08pm Burnett certainly looks good today. I am glad to see Burnett get his velocity. However, he still hasn't gotten his command of his breaking pitches completely. Spring training is still long way to go. Homeruns and strikeouts really get people exciting in baseball game.

2:14pm I feel so badly when Astros pitcher get hurt. I believe Matsui feel badly right now. However, it's good to see Matsui to hit ball hard so far this spring training.

2:21pm See. Again. That's why defense is so important in my opinion. When Astros third baseman let the ball go through his legs, Yankees score two more runs.

The way Berroa plays defense. I can't believe Yankees will use him as utility infielder. Hopefully, Yankees and Cashman work on the phone to get another candidate for that job.

2:31pm Good to see Giese pitching a good first inning. I wish Yankees have a tough decision to make at the end of spring training.

2:34pm Gardner just gets on first base on a infield single because of his speed. This is one thing Melky certainly doesn't have.

2:43pm When I was about saying Gardner would steal second base and Matsui would drive him in last inning, Matsui immediately made an out to end the inning. And then I was about posting "Do you guys realize Astros haven't picked up first hit of the game?", Giese gave up a homerun. I certainly don't have any good luck at all.

2:59pm I think Giese pitches well. Nice to see Edwar on the mound again. Great comeback from 3-0 to get a ground ball for Edwar.

3:06pm That's why we should not concern about stats in spring training. Many minor league players don't make plays major league will certain do. By the way, I am not sure A-Rod can field the pop-up as well. You know A-Rod is never good at pop-up. (Just kidding! Don't mad at me)

3:09pm Nice spring training debut for Edwar.

3:11pm I don't mind Yankees win many low scoring games if we are going to score less because of A-Rod's injury. I think our pitching staff(rotation& bullpen) is great. Not to mention that is how you win in the playoffs.

3:25pm If you are one of them leaving game when all regular leave the game in spring training, you miss Cano's first at bat after coming back from WBC. If you guys don't listen to WCBS for this game, go check out 8th inning for first out. Sterling totally loses the ball. It's pretty funny and awful. I sometimes don't understand why WCBS doesn't give Sterling a monitor to work with.

3:37pm Nice inning for Burney as well. Good to see Johnson pitching for his first spring training debut after fighting for his cancer.

3:49pm I know it's spring training. I know a lot of minor league pitchers and position players play in the end of the game at this stage of spring training. However, it's funny how things work out. Met just blew a game in the 9th inning.

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