Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some baseball stories around the league

There are two baseball stories around the league catching my eyes.

*Santana was bothered by "sore left elbow"

Don't tell me you don't concern, Mets fans. Teams always downplay injury. If this is not a big deal, why skip him twice? Don't forget Santana has knee surgery off-season. Santana's knee problem won't suddenly come out the last game of 2008 season. You don't know how long Santana pitches with his bad knee, especially when you consider Mets need him badly last month of 2008 season. Santana may favor his bad knee for a while that may lead to his sore elbow. That's why Yankees need to pay extra attention on Wang's delivery this spring.

*Manny rejected Dodgers' latest offer again

I know Dodgers has made 4 offers so far to Manny. But, no matter how they structure those offers, they all look like the same: 1/25m or 2/45m. They really haven't improved their offer since November last year. When most people surprise Manny reject Dodgers' latest offer, I am not because Manny and Boras feel those offers all look the same.

Manny doesn't like spring training anyway. In the end, Dodgers will give in. I guess 3/60m will get it done. Dodgers put themselves in this no-win situation. They need him more than Manny need them. They need Manny to bring more fans to ballpark, especially at this economy downturn. They need Manny to carry their offense and their hope to playoffs. If they really don't want to give Manny a deal more than 2 year, they should set a deadline and then sign Dunn and Abreu before they sign with other clubs. You may say, well, Manny need a team to play once season starts, right? Don't worry. If Manny is willing to accept one year deal, there are many teams welcoming Manny to their teams. Manny even can sign with Giants or Mets to stick to Dodgers.


hopbitters said...

Abreu signed with the Angels and Dunn went to the Nationals. Poor guy. The Dodgers have really backed themselves into a corner by letting it go this long.

Jessica Lee said...

I know they both sign with other teams. That's what I say. I agree with you. They really should not let this go this long.