Saturday, February 21, 2009

How bad it can be for A-Rod?

I was reading a news from a Taiwanese website regard of Yankees' clubhouse yesterday.

Nick Swisher was playing rap music loudly after practice in the clubhouse. Swisher was dancing with music and certainly loosing up Yankees' clubhouse and his teammates. After a while, when A-Rod entered the clubhouse, someone lowered the volume of music and everyone suddenly was silent.

A-Rod really has a long way to repair his relationship with his teammates even though we all know they say all the right thing in front of media.

Not to mention, there are more news revealing and coming for him and Yankees. That being said, Yankees will be fine as long as there are no evidences to prove A-Rod use steroids after 2003. The worst case scenario is A-Rod being suspended for 50 games if there are evidences to show A-Rod use steroids after 2003.

As Yankees fans, we can care less about A-Rod's legacy and his place in HOF as long as he can contribute to our Yankees team and help us to win champions.

Don't get me wrong. Of course, I have been very disappointed at A-Rod's behaviour and I will be extremely disappointed if A-Rod use steroids after 2003 and before 2001. I don't care how and where he gets steroids and how often he uses.

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