Monday, February 23, 2009

Hopefully, Jeter is fine

We all know what Jeter will say regard of his injury. But, it certainly causes concern for our Yankees fans. However, it will be nice if this minor injury can lead Jeter to give up WBC. But, we all know this is close to be impossible.

Marte and Edwar also have some small to maybe-big injury news. Hopefully, they will be fine as well. That being said, Posada is doing well according to Peter's blog.


MJB said...

I hope so too. They say since Jeter is not a complainer, that this is a bit scary. I have to agree. Some people like to say Jeter is a bad SS and he's declining rapidly. I think those people are crazy. The Yankees need Jeter in the line-up. Just in case, I'm really interested in the back-up situation at middle infield. Its assumed to be between Cody Ransom and Angel Berroa. I find this competition more important than the CF battle between (presumably) Garnder, Melky, and Swisher.

I'm also interested in SS in the lower minor well as catcher. I think they have a few good prospects as C, but for SS I haven't heard much.

Jessica Lee said...

I agree with you. I need Jeter and Jeter is better than public reception in my opinion

Jessica Lee said...

"We(Yankees fans)"

I am a little surprised Cashman doesn't bring more players fight for backup infielders.