Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wang spring training watch-Feb18th

As you guys know, I am a Taiwanese. Because I am able to read Taiwanese news and there are many Taiwanese reporters following Wang all the time, I will try to post some news regard of Wang's progress or anything happen in Yankee land from Taiwanese reporters' respectives every day.


About steroids....

Taiwanese reporters ask Wang about steroids, Wang said he doesn't take and even doesn't take any nutriment. Wang said he never think about taking any performance enhancing drugs. For him, he even doesn't know names of those drugs and how to use them.

Even though he is sick, he doesn't like to take any medicine. If he really needs to take medicine for illness, he will go to trainer to get one.

Even though he is injured, he never think about taking. Only thing on his mind is working hard for rehab.

About A-Rod....

Wang says he has a good relationship with A-Rod. That's why he is in A-Rod's press conference. On top of that, many teammates will go as well.

Wang's progress....

Wang threw 47 pitches at last bullpen. He hasn't gotten his velocity and feeling back. Wang said this is normal for him at this stage of spring training. He normally needs more time to get into game form than others.

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