Friday, February 27, 2009

My first game of 2009

YES. This second spring training officially opens 2009 season for me. If "most" people stay healthy, we are going to have a fantastic 2009 season. I will try to liveblog this game as much as I can.

1:10pm Watching a introduction clip of free agents signing get me to feel exciting for 2009 season.

1:22pm Does Hughes hit batters because he throws cutters?

1:27pm Not a bad first inning for Hughes,right?

1:33pm I am a little bit disappointed at Teixeira's first at bat. Ha! I think I expect too much. This is just a spring training game. However, his defense is certainly great.

1:39pm Hughes has better command at second inning. I think we should stop looking at radar gun reading at this stage of spring training.

1:46pm Is it possible for Yankees broadcasting crew not to talking about steroids? I am just tired of hearing the same thing again and again.

1:48pm The first two innings of this game let us know what AL East will look like. Pitching & Defense.

1:50pm Hughes is done after 2 innings. In my opinion, as first outing of spring training, it's good performance for him. Coke is up now.

1:53pm Cano makes a great great play.

1:58pm Welcome back, Posada. Posada will play a huge role in 2009 season. By the way, what a contract between Posada and Molina in term of offense.

2:37pm I miss a little bit because of my computer, but come back on time for Posada's another RBI. By the way, Melky doesn't look so great at his first game of spring training. Burney looks good, especially his velocity at this stage of spring training.

2:40pm That's why Jeter is the captain who everyone wants him on his team. A great relay.

3:10pm Shelley Duncan certainly loves to hit Rays. I really think Shelley should be able to contribute to other major league team as a power righthand batter off bench. If he can somehow figure out breaking balls, he will become quite a player.

3:15pm Gardner makes a great catch and almost double up runner at second base. Gardner certainly has an edge over Melky right now.

3:16pm Melancon is up now. Most his pitches are at lower part of strike zone. He also changes speed quite well.

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