Saturday, February 28, 2009

some stories between Wang and his teammates, coaches

As you guys know, there are tons of Taiwanese reporters following Wang's every step. That's why I always laugh people feel CC and A.J. can release some pressure off Wang. If you are one of those persons feel that way, you may need to concern how CC and A.J handle spotlight of New York first.

Ok, go back to the topic. There are few tidbits between Wang and his teammates and coaches on Taiwanese newspapers. Those stories can show you how much attention Taiwanese pay on Wang. I don't know how you guys feel, but I really like to read those tidbits about any player.

CC with Wang about Wang' new glove

I show you guys different versions of Wang's new glove earlier. Few days ago, there is a tidbit between Wang and CC. During spring training, a lot of companies sell equipment will allow come into clubhouse to sell to players. Of course, Nike will be one of those companies. CC brings one of Nike's staff to Wang's locker in order to show Wang's new glove because CC wants Nike to design one for him based on that idea. This whole glove becomes a huge story in Taiwan as far as I know. When this CC story comes out, there are some Taiwanese Yankees fans start designing different versions of CC's glove on the website.

Wang with Joba about steroids

As you guys know, Wang and Joba become very good friends since Wang rehabilitated his hamstring in 2007. Tons of Yankees players like to joke with Wang all the time because Wang gets a good sense of humor and great personality.

This story between Wang and Joba happen when Yankees drive 2.5 hours to play their third spring training game with Twins. Before practice in the morning, Joba use his milk powder to make milk. Wang enters the clubhouse and yells at Joba,"Joba, you eat steroids?" Of course, Joba is going to fight back. Joba then says, "I know you drink green tea steroids because you always look full of energy after drinking green tea"

Wang with Gator about bunting

Yankees pitchers need to practice bunting this spring. I guess Yankees learn a hard lesson and want to make sure that won't happen again during interleague games. After practicing many times, Wang improves his bunting little by little. Few days ago after practicing bunting, Taiwanese reporters say to Wang how well he bunts that day. Wang replies, "Today the ball is slower". Later on, reporters find out Gator is the one throw pitches to pitchers for practicing bunting that day.

All Taiwanese reporters know the special relationship between Gator and Wang. Then they tell Gator what Wang says to them. Gator says to reporters, "really? Wang says that to you guys. I am going to kill him". Later on, Gator tells reporters, "I tell Wang to be careful next time when I throw to them during bunting practice because my command is not the same anymore." Yesterday, Wang was hit by pitch during bunting practice. Gator is the pitcher.

P.S. Wang has threw 2 more bullpen sessions. One is for 56 pitches. The other is 46 pitches. Wang's command is getting better. However, Wang hasn't gotten his velocity back.

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