Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The more I hear and see from Teixeira, the more I like him

This is the quote from Teixeira regard of steroids,

"I grew up in a family (where) there was zero tolerance. There were no drugs; there was no alcohol. That kind of stuff just didn’t fly," Teixeira said.

I believe him. I am from a single family. My mother is my father. She educates us(My sister,brother and me) very well. A lot of things doesn't allow in my family, such us drugs, tattoes, alcohol, gamble, cheat, skip classes, stay outside too late, etc.

I remember I bought a mah-jong(a famous game among Chinese people) cards when I was in junior high school due to curiosity. When my mother found out, I got beat very hard. I still don't know how to play mah-jong now that is very odd for Chinese people.

Not to mention, I lied to her first time of my life that is in elementary school and got beat very hard as well. Since then, I tell her everything. My mother leads by example.

I am not perfect. I make mistakes as well. But, I learn two things from my mother. First one is never giving up and doing your best. Second one is be honest.

Hopefully, A-Rod can be honest and be himself tomorrow. He needs to think about Yankees and his teammates more than himself. He already gave Yankees and his teammates a lot of troubles. However, I doubt how honest he will be tomorrow.

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