Friday, February 13, 2009

It turns out Cashman is right

Like everyone else, I was surprised at Yankees not offering arbitration to Abreu, not Pettitte. However, I did trust Yankees' judgement based on information they have on hand. It turns out Cashman foresee the market right. That's why I always say don't rush to judgement. Yankees got Pettitte back at 5.5 million guaranteed with 12 million at maxium and Angel signed Abreu at 5 million guaranteed for one year deal. By the way, Adam Dunn signed with Nationals at 20 million for 2 year deal. Manny will decide one team pretty soon. My bet will be either Dodgers or Giants. I believe Giants will win division if they sign Manny when you consider the pitching they have.


hopbitters said...

Lincecum looks to be a legit ace and Cain is good. Beyond that, I don't think they're anything special. I see a lot of Randy Johnson and he simply can't go out every 5 days and pitch at a consistent level. I put him in that same category as Pedro that would be best served in a long-man/spot-starter role. Currently, teams try to drag start after start out of older once-successful pitchers that are simply physically incapable of putting out that many quality innings. Meanwhile, they throw barely AAAA relievers into the cleanup role and act surprised when the game gets out of hand. Fit the players to roles where they're useful.

Anyway, back to the point. I don't see the Giants winning much anytime soon. Their rotation drops off quickly, the bullpen isn't anything special, and even with Manny, their offense is suspect. Even in a weak league, I don't see them taking a strong position. The D'backs have better pitching and at least the potential for some offense. The Rockies have offense and pitching depth, if not quality. The Padres and Dodgers are mostly mediocre.

Jessica Lee said...

You may be right. I should talk less about national league which I know much less than american league. However, that division is so weak and weird. I still believe manny is a key player can impact that division a lot if Manny land in one of teams in that division.

MJB said...

I kind of agree with you both. I think hopbitters nailed the pitching situation in SF, but Jessica is right on about the division being weak and wierd. Anyone can win that division!

With the departures in the LA rotation, I dont think their pitching is much better or even as good as SF. Especially if Zito ever gets back to being decent. Actually, I like Arizona's pitching the best, but their "O" is weak...not as weak as SF however, who were last in the league in runs.

So I have to agree with JL and say that Manny could be a difference maker. Too bad Arizona can't afford him because then they'd be heavy favorites (I think). But he could carry LA or SF.