Friday, March 20, 2009

Burnett's 3rd Spring Training Outing

8:11pm I wake up one hour late, but I only miss one and half inning? There must be a lot of base runners. The pace of this game is much slower than the game Wang pitches. I know Burnett gives up one run and has allowed quite few base runners. I don't care the result. I am glad Burnett faces some difficulties and can have something to improve on. If Burnett keep having almost perfect spring outing, that will give many Yankees fans unrealistic expectation as well. Hopefully, Burnett's left arm is fine when he was hit by pitch.

8:17pm The way Blue Jay pitching staff constructs and forms, they and Orioles are going to lose many games this season.

8:20pm I am impressed the at bat by Swisher. Actually, he has been done this quite a while. He always can work the count well by making contact with good pitches and not swinging at bad pitches. On the other hand, it seems Nady is not as selective as Swisher. I believe Swisher is going to help us a lot if Girardi can give him enough playing time. I believe Giardi will like Swisher this kind of player. When all said and done, he will beat out Nady for right field job.

8:43pm I think Burnett is fine when you consider he not only can't command his breaking pitches but also can't locate his fastball. However, I am not sure how he will fare if he most major league hitters.

8:46pm Bruney has a fine first inning of work when he takes over Burnett because he can make adjustment on the mound when he can't throw his fastball for strike. However, don't forget to give Posada credit for that.

9:28pm Ok. My computer gives up on me. When I come back, I find out Bruney give up two runs and gets taken out of game. I not only miss this but also miss Mo's quick inning work.

10:04pm We certainly get more chances to look at kids because of the absence of A-Rod, Jeter and Cano, such as Pena and Nunez, etc.

As long as everyone is healthy and they know what they can improve on their game, I am not worrying about spring training number.


Dannyzupl8! said...

your play by play sure beats Petes

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks. However, I am not able to listen to today's Hughes' game. Sorry about that.

Jessica Lee said...

Don't forget Peter has a job to do that I don't have.

dannyzuplate said...

Peter's job is to be a smartass, and hangout with ballplayers. You actually do something PRODUCtive.. I can't stand the guy, but he seems to have a good rapport with the players, and has good info. I don't read this blog as much, because my schedule is a bit more demanding, but I'm still very much a fan, Jessica! Thanks for providing us Yankee fans around the world your time, and perspective! k? I appreciate it. And I'll say hello on Facebook in a sec, or maybe tomorrow, I'm tired.. :z

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks for compliment. I am very appreciated you comes here and leave some comments when you have time. Don't worry. Go to get the rest you need. Keep in touch.