Monday, July 21, 2008

It seems Wang doesn't recover from foot injury too well

We may need to prepare playing the rest of season without Wang and Cashman may focus on getting us another No. 3 or 4 starting pitching now. This is the feeling I get from reading an interview Wang did with Taiwanese media few days ago.

You guys may read some small tidbits regard of Wang when Wang came to ballpark the first game after all star break. This is from Daily News as follow,

Chien-Ming Wang said he should have the cast removed from his injured right foot by the end of the month. Wang, expected to be out until at least September, said he felt "better," but was "very bored" with his rehab.

At the same time, Taiwanese media interview Cashman and Wang regard of Wang's injury. Cashman and Jeter all said "We miss Wang". Cashman admits Wang's irreplaceable status and losing Wang affects Yankees' standing without a doubt.

Cashman further said, "We only focus on getting Wang back healthy and pitching the same as he did before injury. We really need him, but we don't care he will be back this season in time or not. As long as he comes back healthy". I know Cashman also said to American media, "He didn't expect Wang back this season"

I actually believe Wang will be back to help us no matter what Yankees said regard of Wang's condition until I read an interview Wang did with Taiwanese media yesterday.

Wang put on hard cast on July 1th and he is going to go through MRI at the end of this month. Wang asked Taiwanese reporters how he looks like because he cares about his weight. He trains himself every day no matter he is at home or at stadium. Joba has called him once every two days when Bowa has sent him text messages to encourage him.

When he was asked what he wants the most right now, "I want to walk", Wang answered without hesitation.

I was happy until I read the last part of interview regard of the condition of his foot. I am going to translate the conversation in English and let you guys decide by yourselves how you feel. I didn't feel too positively after reading this.

Reporter: How is your right foot?
Wang: I feel better. No pain, but the real condition has to wait and see after removing hard cast.

Reporter: So, is your right foot not swollen now?
Wang: I don't feel swollen when I lift my right foot in higher position. But, I feel swollen a little bit , when I put my right foot on the ground.

Reporter: Can you stand normally on the ground now?
Wang: I only can put my right foot on the ground lightly without putting too much pressure on.


Todd Drew said...

I don’t read too much into Wang’s quotes. He’s not going to have a good feel for how the injury is healing until the cast is off for a few weeks. If anyone can come all the way back it’s Wang. I remain confident.

Jessica Lee said...

I hope you're right. Wang actually believe he can return to help us in September as well.