Sunday, March 2, 2008

A great article about Halladay

Just read a great article about Roy Halladay. This is the quote regard of who is the best pitcher in the American League now,

"It's kind of a non-factor, the reason you play the game is to win and win as a team,"

Go to check this article out if you are interested in more.


Todd Drew said...

Good story, Jessica. Thanks for pointing it out. Halladay is tough. I saw him pitch a lot in AAA at Syracuse and I’ve seen far too much of him with Toronto.

Wang will beat him on Opening Day.

Jessica Lee said...

Roy Halladay is one of pitchers I really enjoy watching among the league even though he is on the Blue Jays.

I hope Yankees start on a good note as well

Todd Drew said...

Wang v. Halladay on Opening Day will be a battle, but we will win.

Jessica Lee said...

Wang said there is no difference for him to pitch in which game or in any order when he was asked the possibility of pitching opening day. No matter which game he pitch or who is his opponent, he only care about winning that game.

It always amazes me how confident you guys are about everything in your life. This is total different culture compare with Taiwanese culture.