Friday, March 21, 2008

Different Kyle Farnsworth??

I am not going to talk about nasty Joba when he faces three Blue Jays' minor leaguers and blew them away. Am I the only crazy person thinking about the possibility of seeing different Kyle Farnsworth this season? I actually think Farnsworth did pitch pretty well. He threw a lot of pitches very close to plate and limit the damage to just one run. Unlike the couple of seasons I saw from Kyle when he couldn't stop bleeding and throw a lot of bad pitches not even close to plate.I like what I see. Hopefully, He can keep doing that once season starts.

By the way, Dan Giese, Jonathan Albaladejo, and Chris Britton are all pretty good as well. Why? They throw strikes which is very important for me. I can't stand pitchers give up free passes. Dan Giese is the most impressive one among those three because he faces Blue Jays starting lineup even though he did get in trouble, but manage to get out of jams.

As for Kennedy, If my memory serves me right, this is second time he faces Blue Jay and pitch well on both times. Impressive outing from Kennedy for me. Wang and Kennedy all pitch well against Blue Jays this spring when they change speed and move around location on their pitches. Is this blueprint for success against Blue Jays? I know it sounds a successful blueprint to every team, but I guess what I try to say is not throwing too many fastball.

I almost forget one thing. What a beautiful slide into home plate by Shelley Duncan! What a way to tell everyone you don't have to have such a violent collision in order to show how hard you play baseball. Not to mention another strong offense display from Shelley as well.

Man, I think I agree with Todd. We got a great team and I can't wait the season starting. Let's Go Yankees.


Mike said...

Farnsworth stinks. Always has, always will. Same for Hawkins. I'd like to see Albaladejo in one of those slots.

Jessica Lee said...

I hope Farnsworth won't stink this season for whatever reasons. As for Hawkins, I think he will be fine based on what I saw from him during spring training. I haven't seen him pitching before this spring training, so there may be something I don't know you know.

By the way, I like Albaladejo as well, he is a not overpower pitcher, but he throws strikes.