Thursday, September 18, 2008

Final Game of "old" Yankees stadium

I was so busy at a brand project I work on this past week. I probably disappoint a lot of readers of my blog. Sorry about that. However, Our bombers are still alive and I won't give up until we get eliminated.

During this past week, I was able to watch few games. For example, the game Jeter tied the hit record at Yankees stadium and then I remember I turned on my computer for the game that Jeter break that hit record for 10 minutes before I need to leave home. You know what. It's worthy because I turned on my computer one minute before Jeter break that record. I was screamed at my computer and yelled at "Yes. Yes. Yes". By the way, Jeter was hit by a pitch in the 9th inning yesterday. I really believe Jeter's subpar season(on his high standard anyway) result from he was hit earlier in May.

The good news is I move everything in order to watch the final game of old Yankees stadium because that's Monday morning in Sydney. I really hope I am able to attend this game in person. It will be an amazing experience for People go to this final game of old Yankees stadium. I believe I will regret not be able to attend at least one game in this old Yankees stadium. The only thing I can do is at least moving everything out of my way and watch this game on my computer.

I remember one of brand assignment I had done. The teacher ask what we you do and feel if your favor brand suddenly was not available. What about you guys? What you would feel and do if New York Yankees suddenly disappear?


Todd Drew said...

I hope you enjoyed Sunday’s (for you, Monday’s) game. I got to see Wang throw in the outfield before batting practice. He looks good.

MJB said...

Hi Jessica,

Will you continue to blog anything for the rest of this season and the off-season? Thanks for a good blog which I just found this year!

There should be some exciting changes for the Yankees next year, including the return of Wang (though that's not really a change).

For this year, it will be fun to see players get to audition, like Coke, Acevas, Ransom, Gardner, Humberto, etc. Also, I will be very interested to see if Moose can get his 20th win on Sunday!

Matt, USA

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Todd,
I am so jealous you were there at the final game of Yankee stadium. Unfortunately, Even though I tried very hard to push a lot of things away, I only was able to watch that game live until 6th inning.

Dear mjb,
Of course, I will keep blogging the rest of season and off-season. Please keep coming back to read more posts.

There are two things keep me away from posting this past week. First of all, I was so busy. Secondly and the most important is I couldn't put my thought together. I don't how to describe my feeling.

Jessica Lee said...

I don't know how to describe my feeling.

Thanks for reading, todd and mjb. Of course, for everyone reading my blog