Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wang spring training watch-Feb20

(photo from udn/Wang met Boss when Boss was leaving)

Wang threw 67 pitches yesterday for first live BP that include 32 pitches to batters and 35 warmup pitches. After that, Wang said he felt he is 60-70%. Delivery is good. When he threw all his pitches, the changeup is the worst one he threw during live BP.

About Bernie...

Wang feel Bernie still is very good. On top of that, he gets a lot of experience. When pitchers make mistakes, Bernie will hit it hard. After BP, Wang wonders how old Bernie is. Before BP, the match-up between Wang and Bernie is a hot topic among Yankees teammates. Joba even analyzes Wang should beat Bernie because this is a match-up between one pitcher doesn't pitch for one year and one hitter doesn't hit for two years.


Bob Ruffolo said...

That's an interesting picture, I wonder what the boss could actually have said to him.

Jessica Lee said...

Based on news on Taiwanese website, Boss basically greeted and had a brief conversation with Wang because he was leaving at that moment.