Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can we talk baseball now?

So, A-Rod admitted using steroids 2001-2003. I am sick of steroids topic. Can we talk about baseball now? Everyone has enough pressure in real life. We hope baseball offers us something to enjoy,right?

I just want to talk about baseball in Yankeeland. Part of reasons I am not a big fan of A-Rod because he brings so many drama on and off-field.

If you guys come to my blog to read about this, I am sorry about disappointing at you. I don't really want to talk about this. This just make me feel depressed.

I only can express my feeling. I have mixed feeling after hearing what A-Rod said. As a Yankees fan, I really want to believe him and support him. On top of that, I believe no one is perfect. We all have experiences of lying something to someone or making mistakes. It takes a lot of courages to admit what you have done.

However, I feel disappointed at hearing A-Rod using steroids. I remember what he said and lied to us in the past which makes it more difficult for me to believe what he said yesterday. There are few holes in the interview that is hard to believe. I can't stop wondering how many players use steroids.

In the end, I still believe some players don't use steroids. I am glad A-Rod admits his mistakes.


hopbitters said...

Interestingly, the most outspoken player against steroids (and the only one mentioned as speaking to Mitchell in the Mitchell Report) is the one with the best active career (assuming Bonds is done) - Frank Thomas. I never understood why he's so underappreciated.

Anonymous said...

Frank Thomas is gigantic. Huge head too. I question he of all people being pro-active in that fight. SChilling is running his mouth behind his keyboard once again. You knew that would happen.

hopbitters said...

Thomas has been advocating MLB drug-testing since at least the late 90s.

Jessica Lee said...

For me, it becomes really hard to tell who is clean and who is not.

MJB said...


so true about the Big Hurt. I grew up near Chicago and hated the White Sox ( I guess I have something against socks), but he was always really good. Even now that he is "just a DH" he can do a lot of damage. It almost seems like "people" (fans, sports pundits, whatever) can only appreciate one DH at a time. Forever, it was Edgar Martinez. Everyone loved him even though many scoffed at the very idea of a "career DH". Now "Big Popi" is the flavor of the day. For some reason, Frank is looked at as some washed up player who can "only" hit.

Ortiz is pretty darn good too, but he didn't play defense as much or as well as Big Frank. Maybe my memory is mistaken, but it seems like giant 1B of the past usually played the field (e.g. Cecil Fielder, Mo Vaughn, John Kruk). It reminds me of how everyone thought Giambi was some huge liability at 1B, but I always considered him decent with the glove. Sure, there are much better defensive 1B, but sometimes there appears to be real exaggeration on how good you need to be to play there every day. Anyhoo...this part may not have anything to do with anything...I'm just thinking out loud.