Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If you don't want to play for Yankees, don't come no matter how good you are

As I state earlier regard of Joe Torre's depart, people have to love what they do, otherwise they are not going to do the job very well. Of course, there is nothing wrong about people don't like to play or root for Yankees. As a Yankees fan, I don't want any player who doesn't want to play for Yankees to come no matter how good they are.

If Jake Peavy doesn't want to play for Yankees, it's fine let him stay in National league which he prefers than American league. I don't know how good he can be if he doesn't want to switch from national league to American league.

We may all have experience about changing jobs. Different people with different personality. For me, I like to face challenge and am not afraid of dealing with much more difficult job. I have been changed my job from small company to a big company because I want to know how good I can be. Of course, it doesn't guarantee I can succeed. But, I certainly do better than those are afraid of facing new challenge but forcing to do so.

The bottom line is I hope Yankees spend money, not to spend prospects for their problems this off-season. If we can have Mark Teixeria, Manny, C.C., Burnett for money, do that and keep most prospects we have. You never know who is going to pay off for us in the near future. I do think Cashman will be with me on this subject.


MJB said...

I agree with you about not getting rid of prospects. But i disagree about Manny. I really hope they don't go after him and I don't care how good he is. I don't think its necessary for the Yankees to build an all-star team...always getting the best all-star at each position. I think they should get good solid roll players. I'd like to see someone with a good eye, patience, a little power, smart base running and decent defense. In my opinion, that is something the Yankees get from Matsui. I've seen a lot of negative opinions against Hideki, but I think there needs to be more Yankees like him, Jeter, and past players like Bernie and O'neill. I've had enough of the likes of Giambi, Sheffield, current Yankee Arod, or rumor mill darling Manny.

I hope they spend on pitching...and I hope CC's arm can hold up....but I hope they opt for all-around solid players at the needed positions instead of grabbing at so-called Superstars.

MJB said...

sorry, its 'role player', not 'roll player'.

Jessica Lee said...

What I try to say is to spend money on their problems. Don't spend prospects. Because if free agents don't pay off, we still have prospects to save us at the same time.

I don't mean to sign every free agent. In my opinion, every free agent should be consider if the price is right and don't let emotion affect your decision.

For example, I don't mind Yankees to bring back Moose and Pettitte on one-year deal. Don't do it more than one-year deal.

If Yankees can get Manny on 2-3 year deal, why not bring Manny in to replace Giambi's production. Manny can offer A-Rod huge protection. But, don't do it for more than 3 year deal.

Anonymous said...

if i think i'm good enough to play for the Yankees how can I can i get a shot