Monday, April 20, 2009

What is wrong with Wang?

There are a lot of anaylsis going on regard of what is wrong with Wang. This is the version I believe Wang's problem coming from as follows,

According to keeping up with Jones blog,

Bruney believes Wang's troubles stem from not yet trusting his right (push-off) foot. Bruney says he was doing the same thing during his rehab, and his velocity was down and his stuff was off. He worked his way through it -- and has been great out of the pen -- which is what he says Wang has to do.

Please keep these words in mind and combine them with this video from MLB Network, I believe this is Wang's problem.

I am not a pitching coach and I don't know how you let Wang trust his right foot again. Based on what I hear from Girardi during his pre-game interview, I believe Yankees coaching staff know what Wang's problem is. The problem I have is why they don't recognize this problem during spring training and collect it under less pressure situation, when you consider Wang doesn't have a good spring training and he doesn't have his sinker working.

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MJB said...

Thats a good take on it. I hope that is all that is wrong so Wang can get back to being himself. I'm not a pitching coach either, so I dont know if they can make the adjustments Girardi and staff saw before his next start or not:

"We looked at his hands, height of his leg kick, where his head is - if it's out of line - the angle of his arm. We looked at everything." Girardi said. "We had some healthy stuff that we saw. We understand that we need to make some adjustments." (from CBS sportsline).

If not, I'd rather see him go work on it in the minors than get killed in Boston on Friday. But then who pitches on Friday? With the day off, maybe they could skip him and let Pettitte start on Friday. I think I'd rather see Wang give it a try instead of calling up a minor leaguer (even P. Hughes) to face Boston.