Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wang vs CLE

3:43pm It is very important to get Sizemore out for Wang. When Sizemore gets on, he certainly will run on Posada. Everything will snowball from that point on.

3:46pm Don't walk guy, Wang. Good to see Wang challenging guy to put the ball in play.

3:51pm A great great great first inning for Wang.

3:59pm I guess the cortisone shot Teixeira gets working. 2-0 Yankees leads.

4:05pm It looks like Wang's sinker is sinking.

4:12pm I don't think Choo hits that ball well. But, man, the ball carries in the new Yankees stadium. After that, Wang loses his command. I think all the time Wang misses he loses muscle memory for his delivery.

4:34pm Man, this is brutal. Why every ball is flying out the ball park?

4:59pm I decide to listen to WCBS instead of watching Fox and get some works done.

7:03pm I am still listening to WCBS. Do Yankees just build a homerun park?

Post-game Analysis

I will keep rooting for Wang and Yankees. As a fan, you don't give up your team or the player you root for when they are in the slump. At this point, I just want to know what is wrong with Wang. The way he pitches is unbelievable bad. I can't remember when Wang throws that many bad pitches at bad locations three games in a row.

I still don't think he is hurt and try to pitch through. It is not a smart thing to do. I think he is inconsistent with his delivery after long layoff.

By the way, I understand why Yankees fans in the attendance boos Wang this heavily(they are paid customers), but it is very cruel to treat Wang like that when you consider what he has done to us. Not to mention, they start to boo him when Indians score the 4th run. 4th?

It is easy to say all the good things about the player and the team when things go well. It is easy to throw the player and the team under the bus when things go badly. On other hand, it is very difficult to support the player and the team when things go badly.


yanks26 said...

Wang's ERA is up to 45.0 and his WHIP is over 5. I hope he has the humility to accept a demotion to Scranton and get his stuff together.

Jessica Lee said...

I don't think Wang has option left for demotion.

Jessica Lee said...

Unless, there is something wrong with Wang and he hits DL.

yanks26 said...

You're right, he doesn't have any options left. He would have to go on a fictious DL and than do his rehab in the minors.

I don't think his confidence can take another beating, if it happened again.