Friday, April 17, 2009

Opening day of New Yankees Stadium

12:40pm They are introducing many old Yankees great players now.

12:58pm They just finish introducing 2009 Yankees. It seems to me Jeter, Andy, Mo and Joba get the loudest cheers among current Yankees.

1:35pm I miss first inning because of some technology difficulty. I am not sure where the problem comes from. It comes from either my computer is suck or new is suck.

1:38pm Johnny Damon collects first hit of New Yankees stadium. I am sure there are many firsts many Yankees fans key eyes on.

1:49pm I face more technology difficulty and start to feel very annoying for me. I think the problem comes from new

1:51pm Ransom just strikeout on a high fastball. He really can't look worse at the plate. At this rate, I don't think he will be able to keep his utility infielder job once A-Rod comes back. I don't want Pena to take that job and sit on the bench because I rather see him playing in AAA to get his work in.

2:02pm The way Yankees offence goes, we better hope CC has a great day. In fact, almost every yankees pitcher has to have that thought in their mind.

2:12pm Jeter makes a nice play to get double play the previous inning. He always know where he is and makes right plays. I am not sure how much mini wrist injury Teixeira play a role on his April slump. Fortunately for him, Yankees has been winning, so not many people give him hard time.

2:15pm I am a little bit surprised at seeing Damon only gets to third base. It's too bad Posada didn't drive them in.

2:26pm For some reasons, my feed is a little bit slower than others, so I don't read Peter's blog and mlb website during the game.

2:29pm CC just wastes a great play by Ransom who makes a great play to save a run by giving up RBI double. 1-0 Indians. However, If Ransom didn't make that play, Indians would score 2 runs in that inning.

2:32pm Because of that great play by Ransom, I promise not to get on Ransom as much as I did
2:33pm For some reasons, Cliff Lee looks like a Cy Young Award winner against Yankees.

2:35pm I guess it all depends on pitchers because new Yankees stadium doesn't look like a hitting friendly ballpark today which looks like one during exhibition. By the way, I will be mad if Yankees loses this game by 1-0, but I will not be mad at CC because Yankees should be able to score at least one run.

2:40pm Let us see whether magic Derek Jeter drive them in or not. It will be very fitting at this opening day of New Yankees stadium.

2:42pm It seems to me Yankees gets runners on with two outs every inning. It feels like this game has been played more than 4 innings.

2:53pm A great throw by Posada to get Sizemore which becomes a huge play because following two players single. If CC gets out this inning without giving up any run, I get a feeling Yankees will come back to win this game. If Ransom and Posada didn't make those two great plays, Indians would be up 3-0.

2:59pm I find out Yes feed is slower than others for some reasons.

3:05pm It's amazing two catchers hit the memorable homeruns at two Yankees stadium. Molina hits the last homerun of old Yankees stadium while Posada hits the first homerun of New Yankees stadium.

3:11pm Cano looks so differently good at the plate this season. He works another walk. As I promise, I won't talk about specific player. However, it's good to see Yankees drive Cliff Lee's pitch counts up to 103 through 5 innings. At most, he will only be able to throw another inning.

3:18pm I will image this will be CC's last inning. I think CC wants to pitch at least 6 innings as a competitior. I hope Edwar doesn't screw up this inning. Edwar makes me nervous as a relief pitcher.

3:32pm Sorry for lack of posts this past 10 mintues because I am so nervous. If Yankees can get out of this inning without giving up any run, we will win this game. I actually think Cano makes a great play to save a run when the ball is up to middle. It's amazing he is able to get to that ball.

3:37pm Yankees has played great baseball games lately. Today is another one. Today is kind of game when two great pitchers try to work out a jam after another and some great defense plays.
3:45pm Veras is another relief pitcher who makes me nervous for different reasons. Edwar gives up too many homeruns while Veras doesn't know where the ball goes. If Yankees can get out the 7th inning without giving up any run which will be a miracle, Yankees will have a great chance to win this game because the way Bruney and Mo throw.

3:55pm This game turns into a ugly show by Yankees bullpen. If I have to predict now, Veras won't be in the Yankees bullpen too long. Again, Veras gets into trouble by walking the leadoff batter of the inning. I know a lot of people will talk about the bridge to Mo. However, CC has to shoulder some of blame because he only pitches 5.2 inning.

4:00pm What a terrible job by Yankees bullpen. Marte gives up a run by walking a man when bases are loaded and gives up one gram slam and one solo shot.

4:04pm Right now, If Yankees want to win ball game, the 7th inning will be the key of ball game because Bruney settle in his 8th set up man role while Mo is our closer. No other relief pitcher in the Yankees bullpen pitches well other than Bruney and Mo in my opinion.

4:25pm It's good to see a relief pitcher throwing quality strike. I will predict Robertson will replace Veras' spot if he has few more this kind of inning.

4:29pm I know many Yankees fans are killing Girardi now because Veras and Marte's performance in the 7th inning. However, it's still young season. He can't wear out Bruney and Mo. He need to find another good relief pitcher in the bullpen. If we have lead, he certainly will put Bruney at 8th and Mo at 9th. Right now, we haven't found our go-to guy to pitch 7th at close game.

4:37pm I don't think Teixeira is hurt because Girardi also put Pena to replace Jeter at SS. Girardi is not afraid of taking his star players at blow out games in order to give them some rest.

4:46pm I know shadow may play a role on Robertson's good performance. However, he throws strike at good locations. It's impressive 2 innigs by Robertson, especially second inning he gets out of jam by getting Sizemore, DeRosa and Martinez.

4:54pm It seems to me shadow will play a role on protecting lead for day games which start at 1pm or scoring at early innnings for days games which start arond 3 or 4pm in the new Yankees stadium.

5:10pm Again, As I promise before, I am not going to talk about specific player that is pretty hard to do when you consider his performance at the plate. I know it's only 10 games, but the way he swings at the plate has been so bad.

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