Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pettitte vs KC

5:27pm Ha! guys, I join this game. Yankees lead 2-1 now.

5:41pm I really need to complain about new MLB media player. First of all, it breaks and stop playing so many time. Secondly, you can't fast forward or rewind when you listen to audio after the game finishes. Thirdly, why we can't choose to listen to WCBS when we watch YES.

5:48pm Cano and Swisher have been extremely hot. I can't image Swisher doesn't play again tomorrow and may move Cano the batting order.

5:50pm Ransom has played very horrible defensively and offensively. He even makes a base running mistake.

6:00pm If Posada can get on somehow, I believe Cano can drive them in.

6:05pm Well, Ponson doesn't want to pitch to Cano at all. Hopefully, Swisher can come through again.

6:14pm Pettitte is one of those pitchers you believe he can work out of jam. Is it just me to feel a little bit nervous when balls go to Jeter or Ransom's territory.

6:20pm I am just kind of nervous when Yankees don't put on more runs against Ponson.

6:32pm Pettitte has pitched strong 6 innings. Based on his pitch count which is 84 pitches, he should be able to pitch one more inning.

6:44pm That's Farnsworth we know. When the game is not on the line with less pressure, he is going to pitch a great game.

6:51pm Pettitte is at 99 pitches. Butler is first batter up next inning for KC. I think that's it for Pettitte. Girardi will go to Bruney at 8th inning.

6:55pm Cano has been looked unbelievable so far this season, especially the way he takes pitches.

6:59pm Here come 8th inning. 6th,7th and 8th batter of order for KC. Bruney looks good with two strikeouts so far. I am surprised at how many "experts" claim bullpen will be the weakness for Yankees. Mo is going to pick up his first save of the season.

7:19pm New MLB player stops and freezes again. When I finally get the feed back, unbelievable Mo already got 2 outs.

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