Saturday, April 4, 2009

First game of New Yankees stadium

7:14pm The look is amazing. Hopefully, I am able to be there one day. Wang always has troubles at first inning. It seems this trend continues. He hasn't gotten his command yet.

7:19pm It's fitting Jeter gets first hit of Yankees. Of course, the flip of Damon and Jeter looks pretty good so far, huh?

7:23pm Well, Teixeira didn't get that runner in with less than 2 out. Hopefully, this is not the trend of this season.

7:32pm The command and control of Wang at second inning improves a little bit.

7:35pm I actually think Wang pitches better at second inning than first inning.

7:53pm 9 pitches with three ground ball outs inning from Wang. It seems Wang gets better when inning gets by. I think Wang's sinker moves too much and move out of strike zone. However, his breaking ball is better than fastball.

7:48pm Posada has another ground ball through infield and Cano hits one out. We need Cano to be good.

8:05pm Matsui just hits another out. Now, Yankees leads 4-3. Matsui is another player we need to be good, especially when you consider A-Rod will be out until May.

8:26pm Is New Yankees stadium a hitting friendly ballpark? Of course, weather probably plays a role on it.

8:47pm Ha! Who need A-Rod when we have Cody Ransom who just hits a three runs homerun?

8:51pm Wang's day is done. 5IP 6H 4ER 2BB 3SO 71 Pitches 43 Strikes. I actually think Wang pitches decent, not bad, not great. Many of those 6 hits are ground balls through infield. However, the balls Wang throw look too obviously for me. I am not sure what kind of pitches he throws. He may try to practice some secondary pitches.

9:03pm Mo is Mo who looks unbelievable.

10:05pm The rest of bullpen is great as well. 12 up and 12 down.

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