Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wang vs Orioles

7:13pm I have been busy these past few days and miss the opening game started by CC. I get a little bit time for this game, but I am not sure I can finish watching this game or not. Let us see.

7:16pm Let see Matsui can delivery a RBI or not. So, we need to wait....

7:22pm Hopefully, Wang has pressure free first inning because it seems he always has troubles in the first inning.

7:26pm So, I guess he won't have a easy first inning. It seems to me Wang don't have command of his sinkers yet. But, surprising, changeup is working. However, This doesn't surprise me Wang's sinkers haven't worked yet based on the interviews from Wang during spring training.

7:38pm Here comes a sort of better second inning from Wang

7:59pm Well, Matsui fails to delivery a RBI second time in a row.

8:22pm Who needs A-Rod if we get Ransom?


Travis G. said...

hey Jessica,

can you check your email. i sent you something you might be interested in.

Jessica Lee said...

really? I haven't checked my emails for a while. Let me check.