Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wang vs TB

7:33pm Man, Wang is in trouble immediately. Huge strikeout for Wang. Wang always has troubles in the first inning. Hopefully, he can pass this troubled first inning easily.

7:44pm If Yankees want to win this game, Wang need to stop bleeding.

7:56pm In my opinion, Wang hasn't been in sync because of his foot injury. 4 runs certainly is not big deficit, but Kazmir has been very tough against Yankees.

8:10pm If Yankees can work out this jam when giving up one run, it will be a miracle.

8:40pm I don't think Wang is hurt, but his command and velocity have been terrible. I haven't seen this kind of bad locations from Wang. He may do it one game, but not for two games in a row. Even when he is not right for one game, he hasn't had this kind of bad locations.

8:54pm Nothing is going to Yankees way. Ransom can't handle his starting opportunity worse.

9:07pm There are 4 more innings to go before deciding whether we lose this game or not. Yankees need to show they fight for that. I know it's hard, but don't give up because you never know what will happen in the game. At least, Yankees can set up for last two games of this series.

9:13pm Jason Bartlett just gets another lucky single. Tonight is just not Yankees night. Hopefully, Rays use all their lucks against us tonight.

9:20pm I am pretty sure most Yankees fans want to kill Wang and take Wang out of rotation by now. The list of Yankees players Yankees fans want to execute may include Jeter and Matsui. Remember tonight game is 7 game of 162 games.

9:44pm Again, Iwamura just gets another lucky swinging bunt infield single. I must say this again. Tonight is not Yankees night.

9:51pm Tonight game just shows us how important a starting pitcher means to a baseball team. That is why Joba need to be in the rotation, not in the bullpen.

9:54pm The way Wang pitches is just more than "sinker is not sinking". Just like what I said before. He doesn't have command and velocity on almost every pitch. The result is he can't get anyone out. I still believe Wang's problem comes from he loses his muscle memory because of his foot injury.

10:22pm Pena and Cano just drop an infield pop up and that leads to three more runs. This is kind of game waking up team. At least, I hope.

10:38pm If Swisher somehow ends up pitching well, this is an embarrassment for Wang and a lot of Yankees pitchers for sure.

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