Sunday, April 12, 2009

CC vs KC

7:06pm I am watching Red Sox vs Angels. Hopefully, Papelbon blows a game for Red Sox. Man, I hate it when Papelbon saves the game successfully. Back to Yankees.

7:16pm Hopefully, Teixeira is fine. Swisher really has good eyes at the plate. If Posada can get on base somehow, I believe hot Cano will drive them in. So, I think Posada will have a good pitch to hit because hot Cano hits behind him.

7:20pm See, I told you. Posada drives them in. Let see what Cano can do.

7:22pm Hopefully, CC makes the adjustment he needs and has a great day.

7:25pm CC strikes out CoCo. It seems CC has great command of his fastball. I think CC will have a good day. That's why CC and Wang are the last things we need to worry about as long as they are healthy.

7:47pm The way CC pitches KC will have a long day. It looks like Jeter is very determined to show people what he can do. I will say this again. When all said and done, Swisher is going to help us a lot.

7:59pm Nady and Matsui are very cold at the plate right now. However, it's fine as long as we can put hits and walks together.

8:15pm CC is in a mini jam. Well, that is strikeout can do to you. CC has pitched 4 scoreless innings with 5 strikeouts at 49 pitches. At this rate, CC can pitch 8 innings.

8:26pm Swisher is red hot at the plate. Man, these position battles will keep everyone motivating.

8:42pm CC loses command a little bit, so he is in mini jam. I don't care how much Ransom hits, but his defense has been horrible. CC works out the jam. Hopefully, CC will be able to give us two more innings.

9:03pm What a great at bat by Jeter who works a 10 pitches walk. Jeter really makes conscious effort to be a great lead off man.

9:12pm CC has increasing jams with innings going by. I think 7th inning will be his last inning. Girardi may go to Marte at 8th inning. Swisher just makes a nice play at 1B. Bench is really important. If you don't have a good bench, you are in trouble when some regular players get hurt or in a huge slump.

9:30pm CC misses his spots more the last couple of innings. However, how much runs a pitcher gives up is the most important thing.

9:46pm I am a little bit surprised to see CC pitching in the 8th inning. I guess they want CC to get to 110 pitches. A nice strikeout by Veras as well. If I have to bet who pitches 9th inning for Yankees, it will be Marte.

10:14pm Walks always come back to hurt pitchers. Veras doesn't have a clear outing, but he gets the job done. We certainly need to give Bruney and Mo some rest.

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