Saturday, April 18, 2009

Joba vs CLE

1:21pm Despite giving up solo homerun, Joba pitches a good first inning.

1:22pm Man, Swisher just misses three run homerun. Hopefully, Yankees is able to score at least one run in this inning. I guess not.

1:51pm Another Yankees starter pitches a great game without offense support. The way Yankees offense goes, one run seems to a big mountain to climb.

1:54pm Hopefully, Gardner gets on base and then steal second in order to ignite Yankees offense.

Post-game analysis

Well, what happened? The new didn't allow me to log in because I logged in too many times for a short period of time, so I decided to go to bed and took some rest. Hello, MLB. Why deny my access because of frequency I log in? I did that because my IE browser gives up on me.

When I waked up, it was top of 9th with one man out for Indians. Of course, Mo does his job to strike out two batters to end the game despite giving us a little bit scare.

Obviously, Joba doesn't pitch well. It seems to me Joba always has troubles against Indians. Many Yankees power pitchers will have troubles against Indians because they are so good at hitting fastball.

That is why tomorrow will be a big test for Wang. Sizemore is the guy Wang really has to pay attention on and keep him off base. If I were Girardi, I would let Molina catch Wang tomorrow. Even though Yankees won't admit it, the way Rays run on Wang/Posada certainly plays a role on Wang's last terrible start against Rays. It will be better to reduce things Wang needs to worry about at this point.

Today is actually a momentum change game. The way opening day goes for Indians certainly provides boost for struggling Inidans for this young season. When you combine that with the way Indians scores 3 runs off Joba at 5th inning, it is a huge bad sign for this opening home series against Indians, especially when you consider Yankees have struggling Wang on the mound tomorrow.

It's good to see Yankees fight back to win this game. One thing I really like about 2009 Yankees is the ability to come from behind. If Yankees ever gets three things going, 2009 Yankees will be unstoppable. First:Wang; Second:bullpen; Third:A-Rod/Teixeira/Matsui.

By the way, Yankees has scored at least 4 runs every game except opening day. Where those runs come from when you consider the state of Yankees position players(A-Rod/Teixeira/Nady/Matsui/Ransom)?

Tomorrow is a big game for this series. Why? If Wang turns in a good game and gets a win, I can see Yankees pounding Pavano behind Burnett to take this four games series against Inidans.

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