Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AJ vs Rays

7:19pm I think Swisher will delivery. Man, strikeout is the worst case scenario for Swisher and Yankees. Great job by Posada.

7:40pm Great first inning from A.J. Let see what Pena can do. I believe he at least can play great defense which Ransom can't do.

7:55pm This acting Ray. That ball doesn't hit your foot. David Cone makes a great point. If ball hit your foot, the ball will change direction. By the way, another nice inning from A.J. At this rate, this certainly is good news for Yankees bullpen.

8:10pm Burnett is dealing which is a good news. The bad news is Yankees only has one run. By the way, we all know what happen now in this game.

8:15pm Swisher can't be hotter which is great news for Yankees, especially when you consider A-Rod is out for injury.

8:24pm I am glad A.J is back up to his teammate. However, the last thing we need is he get threw out of game because we really need to win this game.

8:33pm If Yankees win this game and even their record to 4-4, it is pretty amazing. First of all, CC is terrible for one game while Wang is horrible for two games. Secondly, A-Rod is not in the lineup while Teixeira is out of lineup for few games. Thirdly, the bottom of lineup haven't done much. Fourthly, Jeter, Damon and Matsui also are in the slump. Fifthly, Yankees bullpen is not so great as well. Sixthly, Yankees play all these games on the road.

8:52pm 2 runs is not a big lead. Yankees has to worry about game first. Yankees really need A.J. to step up in order to give bullpen a rest.

9:09pm I hope I am able to watch something I haven't seen before.

9:14pm The real test is coming for A.J in this coming inning. Hopefully, A.J is able to hold down Rays.

9:30pm Ok, I guess every Yankees fan like me who feel disappointed at how 7th inning turns out. Fortunately, we still get a chance to win this game. It is Yankees hitters' turn to pick up A.J.

9:45pm Huge hit by Gardner and Jeter. I feel so nervous about Teixeira's hand. Great, great, great job by Teixeira to hit that sacrifice fly. Yes, here comes Mo.

9:59pm This 4th run will be a huge insurance run for Yankees to pick up. Another huge hit by Gardner. See, you don't have to have all-star at every position as long as you have great starting pitching. Of course, it won't hurt to get A-Rod back to lineup. The more days we can get by with this lineup, the more days we can get for A-Rod to rehab his hip.

10:09pm Another huge hit for Captain.

10:19pm Great 9th inning from Bruney with 3 strikeouts. This is great game to watch.

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