Sunday, April 5, 2009

Second game of New Yankees Stadium(AJ & Pettitte)


Regard of Wang's performance based on interviews with Taiwanese media,

Wang said he threw slider and change up better than his sinkers. He said the angle(not diving as much), location(a little too high) and speed of his sinkers were not good. Most of sinkers are from the bad sinkers he threw.

Regard of locker room,

All 5 starting pitchers' lockers are all together. Actually, it's Andy's idea. Andy wants all starters to support each other and fight for team's record together. On top of that, Andy hopes CC and AJ can get along with teammates well as soon as possible.

1:27pm If ground balls run this quickly through infield continuously through out the whole season, this certainly is not a good news for Pettitte and Wang, especially when you consider Jeter loses some range as well.

1:34pm If other Yankees in the lineup hit up to their potential, the defense Cody Ransom and Gardner can provide certainly a big help for pitching staff. By the way, If Cano can focus on his defense all season, it will be unbelievable for us, especially for Jeter.

1:39pm Man, If Cano keeps hitting like this, we will be fine without A-Rod.

1:52pm Jeter caught a pop up to throw to first base for double play. A lot of people are confused at how many outs at that moment, including Michael Kay, Person is responsible for scoreboard and Derek Lee. But, not for Jeter. He know exactly how many outs, what happen on the field and what he should do on the field. That's what I always want Jeter on my team, especially when game is on the line.

2:00pm Jeter and Teixeira just hits homerun each. It seems balls are flying out the ball park. I am not sure those come from the bad location of Harden's pitches or the effect of new Yankees stadium. If it's the latter, it is certainly not a good news for Yankees pitchers.

2:26pm Teixeira hits second homerun of the game. I am sure Harden's bad locations of pitches certainly play a big role of that.

2:31pm Say all you want about Pettitte. But, he only gives up one run. If we can get that from our no.4 starting pitcher, we are going to have a fantastic season.

2:56pm A.J has pitched three impressive scoreless innings. If New Yankees stadium becomes a more HR park, it's good to know Yankees get three strikeout pitchers and two groundball pitchers in their rotation. Not to mention, it certainly can help ground ball pitchers, if Yankees let grass grow. However, it is certainly not a good news for some relief pitchers in the Yankees bullpen because some of them give up too many homeruns.


dannyzupl8 said...

I watched the first 6 or 7 innings, and was amazed at how well the balls were carrying. I don't think this really bodes well considering the upgrades we've recently done with pitching.

Jessica Lee said...

It's kind of windy. When the weather gets warm, this may change.