Monday, April 13, 2009

Joba vs KC

2:16pm Gardner just gets on first base with a single. Now, he is on scoring position. Hopefully, Swisher can drive him in.

2:23pm If Matsui gets hot, it will allow Teixeira to rest more. Wow! Gardner basically scores that run by himself with his amazing speed. If I were Meche, I would be pretty upset about that run.

2:34pm Joba has a nice first inning.

2:44pm It looks like Joba will have a easy second inning with a low pitch count which is a good news when you consider Yankees only score one run so far for him. By the way, I know it's too early to say this. But, If I were Meche and loses this game 1-0, I would be very mad.

2:54pm Please stop raining. I guess one run is not enough.

3:05pm The way Meche pitches Yankees may need to drive his pitch counts up in order to drive him out of ball game.

3:26pm That's why I always say defense is so important for baseball game. The error Swisher makes basically costs Yankees 2 runs.

3:59pm It looks like Matsui start hitting. How it is possible to score Jacobs' play as an error, but Swisher's play as a hit.

4:10pm I will definitely let Joba pitch 7th inning and then let Bruney takes over 8th inning.

4:14pm Obviously, Girardi doesn't agree with me. He has Bruney to pitch 7th inning. Let see whether Yankees bullpen can protect 1 run lead or not. I hope they can because I don't like many "experts" claim bullpen will be a weakness for Yankees.

4:30pm Bruney has done his job in the 7th inning. It's up to Marte now. One more inning, we will see Mo.

4:40pm Come on, One more out. We will see Mo.

4:48pm Well, I guess Joba should be 8th set up man crowd will be out tonight and tomorrow.

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