Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ramiro Pena wins utility infielder job

I agree with this move. Pena plays great defense with great speed which is what you need for utility infielder. Angel Berroa may hit better than Pena at major league level, but how many more opportunities any utility infielder will get at this Yankees team when you also have Swisher and Melky who are two switch hitters on the bench. When you want to upgrade defense late for close game, Pena certainly offers more than Berroa whose defense is not good in my opinion.

Not to mention, Pena is from our farm system. It's right direction for Yankees organization to take by giving opportunity to prospects from our farm system with more upside potential. When A-Rod comes back, we can put Pena back to AAA in order to get him regular playing time.


dannyzupl8 said...

The kid needs seasoning at Scranton. He's young, talented, and raw. I don't see a very high ceiling for the kid, utility infielder is about as highly as I think of him right now. I would have rewarded Berroa for his excellent offensive spring, theres no need to rush this kid up to the majors. I don't like the move.

Jessica Lee said...

What you said certainly is another perspective, I do think they will send him to AAA once A-Rod comes back.