Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A team without SS and Catcher?

This is one of those games you simply got beat when opponent play an overall better game than you, including starting pitching, bullpen, defense, and offense. This is also one of those games you don't care the outcome too much when one of your important players left game earlier.

It seems it's impossible to have injury-free season. After having so many injuries from pitchers last season, the injury bugs bite position players this season. When your team struggle to score runs and more and more position players go down for injuries, you know your team is in trouble.

Man! The list is getting long. Giambi, not 100% recovery Matsui, Jeter, Posada, Damon(possible? base on my observation from today game)....

I only hope they go to DL if they can't play for a while and we actually can call up someone to help us out. Ego or pride sometimes play a role on this DL stuff. For example, Johnny Damon play through pain earlier last season.

I am done with writing negative stuffs about my team. I am not used to do this. It's still early and won't make me panic this early. We have tough schedule ahead this month. If we can just keep our heads above water long enough behind healthy pitching staff and Jose Molina behind the plate, we will be fine.


Todd Drew said...

Not to worry, Jessica. It’s a long season and you have to weather injuries. Our 40-man roster is better than it’s been in a long time. We are ready for anything. Let’s play ball.

Jessica Lee said...

i am with you, Todd, but I am just not used to watch Yankees games without Jeter and Posada.