Monday, April 14, 2008

Relax and Use energy to pray for Joba's father

First of all, nothing is more important than family for me. Joba, take all the time you need. Taiwanese believe God will bless good guys. Your father will get better.

On top of that, We got more injury. Molina got hurt as well and Kids haven't pitched well so far.

Guys, Relax, Are you looking at calendar? Are you sure you are looking at calendar now? It's only April 14th and our Yankees is only 1 game under .500 despite how terrible our offense is, how many injury we have so far and how bad kids have been pitched. Take a deep breath. When you consider how tough April schedule we have, we will be fine if we are able to hang around .500 at the end of April.

I believe my team. Kids will be fine. You have to expect some starts like them from kids which are normal. Hughes and Kennedy will bounce back without doubt. I believe Wang, Pettitte and Moose will carry this team. I saw good signs from our hitters, such as Giambi, Cano. I believe they will score a lot of runs soon. I also believe Jeter and Posada will be back soon. R...E...L...A...X...


Mike said...

I am concerned, but not ready to jump yet. You don't want to be playing catch up all season.

Jessica Lee said...

of course, for sure, but we have tough schedule in April. On top of that, no team in AL really run away something or come out the gate on fire either.